That Special Day - How To Match Your Tan With The Occasion

 Oh, just how everyone loves that fresh, dewy look! And what could be better than a special event to showcase your gorgeous bronzed look. Be it a wedding, engagement, or an important office party, you gotta rock the special event with killer looks and stunning attitude.

  • Tanning is key

Pale and listless skin is a thing of the past. The new-age time’s screaming out loud for that golden-hued complexion which says - Yes, I am healthy from within.

At premium tanning salons in Boca Raton, Florida you can simply step in and ask for the tanning colour of your choice and you shall be inundated with options galore regarding tanning formats. It takes a few minutes to get that beautiful colour and you can shine bright and pretty at the event, armed with the knowledge that all eyes are set on you.

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  • Matching, matching

Most good tanning salons suggest that you get a tan at least two weeks before the occasion. This will help you ensure that the colour is just right for you. You will also be able to see how it fades away and how long it takes to go away completely from your body, and go for lighter or darker shades accordingly.

  • Colour me right!

You must inform the tech at the tanning salon if there is a specific colour that you want. They might suggest that you go for a trial session and see if you like how it looks on your skin. In case you are happy with it, great, else you can try out the one they suggest and see if that’s any better.

  • Glowing it up

With an occasion so special, most salons suggest that you go with a colour that is the closest possible to your skin. This will help you gain a glow that looks like it is your own skin’s and not artificially applied. You can go in for a Spray tanning session and see how the colour looks on your skin.

  • Easiest option

You may be really rushed for time before your event. Most people prefer going in for the tanning spray option as this is a comparatively faster way to get tanned. In fact, some people prefer a new option, cocktail tanning, which combines a sunning bed with spraying to get all those hard-to-reach places. This ensures that your tan is even all over and there are no nasty lines or streaks anywhere. 

With you wanting to look your best on your day, you would surely want to put in some effort into making sure that your tan matches the occasion. Do follow all pre- and post-tan instructions given by the tanning experts so that your tan looks absolutely wow.

If you are looking for a tan for your special day and wondering which place would be the best for the purpose, head over straight to Boca Tanning Club for that wonderful experience that will keep you coming back for more! This place offers a full consultation at your appointment so that the perfect tan can be figured out for you.

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