Study Tips to Score Highest Marks in Class 9 Hindi Exam

 Class 9 is a very important class for every student. This is because, after class 9 comes class 10, when you will give your board exams. The class 10th board exam is the first board exam in a student’s life. Hence, it is very important and most students want to score high marks in it. It is easy to score high marks in your exams for class 9. Mentioned below are some study tips on how to score the highest marks in your class 9 Hindi exam.

Study Tips

  • The first step to scoring good marks in an examination is to pay attention in class and listen to what is being taught by the teacher. Class 9 is a class where it is very important to understand what you are learning. If you understand the basics of Hindi, it will be easier for you to write answers in the examination. By understanding what is being taught in class, you can understand clearly what is being asked in the examination question and answer accordingly.

  • Secondly, you should go through all the chapters in your class 9 Hindi NCERT textbook. The poems and stories in the textbook are very interesting and each of them has a moral. You can easily understand them because the language is simple. If you understand the chapters, you can easily write answers in the exam. 

  • After getting a clear idea of the basics, you should get a reference book. Some books summarize every chapter in such a way that it becomes easier to grasp what a chapter is about. A reference book, along with summarizing a chapter, lists down all the key points that you need to remember in a chapter. If you remember the key points, then during an examination, it becomes easier to elaborate on a single point. This way, writing answers in an examination becomes easier. If one follows a proper reference book, they do not need to read a single chapter of the textbook repeatedly, to grasp it. If you read a reference book, you will be able to understand the concept of the chapter in a better way. Once you understand the concepts and memorize the key points of that chapter, you will have no trouble forming and writing the perfect answers.

  • Another important thing after understanding the basics is to practice. Practising regularly will help you remember every chapter and everything important in a chapter. Students should keep several things in mind while practising writing answers in Hindi. The sentences should be simple and the spellings should be correct. If you have a clear understanding of the chapter the question is asked from, you will be able to write the answers in your words. You can do so by writing answers to the questions from your textbook exercises. With this, you can also familiarize yourself with the type of questions that may be asked in the exam. You should also practise writing correct spellings, especially for difficult words.

  • You can also refer to solution books for Hindi. This book will have the answers to all the questions from your NCERT Hindi textbook. You can find the class 9 Hindi book solution online.

  • For the language section in your class 9 Hindi exam, you can go through your textbook and solve the grammar questions given there. You can also ask your friends or teachers if you have any doubt. The Hindi grammar section is very easy and scoring, provided you have understood and learnt all the concepts.

  • You should also focus on the essay writing questions. Pick any random essay topic in Hindi and write it, according to the format. This will prepare you to tackle any essay topic that may be asked in your exam.


By studying consistently, students can surely score high marks. However, along with learning well, they need to be confident in themselves. If you are nervous, you might get confused or forget the answer in the exam. When you get the question paper, read the questions carefully, think about what all you have learned, and then answer carefully. You will surely ace your examination. Good Luck!

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