Helping Someone Struggling With Alcohol Addiction In Pennsylvania Is Easy When You Know How


De-addiction is a tough business. Anyone who’s living with an alcoholic knows just how drinking smothers relationships - from the closest to the farthest. There are money troubles, familial fall-outs, denial and isolation… and almost everything in between.


This term is used to describe someone who has alcohol dependence to the limit of it being a disorder. These persons have dependence of two kinds:

  1. Physical

  2. Psychological

In the first, they feel a physical, bodily compulsion to drink. In the latter, they feel the urge mentally to drink, even when they know their drinking is causing problems. And so they drink – fully aware that they are slowly destroying their personal, social and professional relationships with everyone around them.

This addiction can range from mild to severe. If unchecked, the mild can soon progress to severe. And this is where your help would come in handy.

Looking for help

If your loved one is suffering from alcohol addiction and you are at your wits’ end, wondering how to get help – do not despair. Read on to know more.

Let’s go step by step:

  • Learning – you must first know if your loved one indeed is an alcoholic. Not all those who drink are alcoholics. You can check out a few sites to learn more in this regard. You can also speak with a few people at your local AA meetings for more info.

  • Availability – most alcoholic persons feel depressed and isolated. You must make them aware of your availability at all hours and your willingness to assist. This will help you form a bond with the person. You can take a few pointers in this aspect from people at AA meetings close to your place.

  • Intervention – if you think an alcoholic person will fall in willingly with your plans, you couldn’t be more wrong. If there is resistance, you must go in for an intervention and urge the person to get set for treatment. If you feel they might benefit from attending an AA meeting in Pennsylvania, push them for that.

  • Encouragement – this is an important step. Your loved one is attending meetings and trying their level best to quit alcoholism. You should know that doing this is definitely not an easy task. You must offer your unconditional support and encouragement at all times. You can use a Sobriety Calculator and show them their milestones, and celebrate each moment of their sobriety. 

If you have been wondering about the best-suited meeting your loved one could go to, all you need to do is use an AA Meetings Locator and check for meetings closest to you. Once you have the list, attend a few and narrow down the best-suited for your alcoholic person. 

Searching for AA meetings in Pennsylvania and getting AA-related information is really easy with sites like This is a top-rated resource for recovery from addiction. Visit now to check for meetings closest to you.

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