1 Month Strategy to prepare for BARC Scientific Officer Mechanical 2021 Exam


Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) is India’s nuclear research facility located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The research centre is a dream job for many engineers for its advanced research, extensive infrastructure and development covering the entire spectrum of nuclear science and related areas.


BARC ME 2021 has currently dropped its exam routine. The exam paper contains a hundred questions for a period of two hours. Each question contains 3 marks, with a negative marking of 1 mark. The examination will be conducted online and will only contain multiple-choice questions.


This exam can be given to both males and females. The candidates will be selected based on an Interview for BARC Scientific Officer and Technical Officer. The performance of the aspirants who have appeared in the GATE Exam will also be considered while shortlisting them. Shortlisted candidates will be trained at different schools of BARC situated in different locations of the country.

BARC Scientific Officer Exam

The selection process for BARC scientific officer exam is done via two secondary methods, GATE score and online exam. Applicants can select any of them as per their qualifications.


It is compulsory to qualify each stage of the selection process to be appointed as BARC Scientific Officer through OCES/DGFS 2021 academic programme.


The final selection for the BARC Scientific Officer Exam for the OCES/DGFS-2021 programs will be based on the candidate’s performance in the selection interview and medical fitness.


The selected candidates will be informed through email and SMS about their selection. They can also refer to the BARC official website as well to know their results.

BARC Scientific Officer Mechanical preparation

Before, driving into BARC Scientific Officer Mechanical preparation, we should look into the syllabus of the BARC Scientific Officer exam. Here is the list of the topics that are included in the syllabus.


     Strength of Materials


     Machine Design

     Fluid Mechanics


     Theory of Machines

     Heat transfer

     Engineering Mechanics

     Industrial Engineering

     Engineering Materials

     Engineering Mathematics: Probability, Differential Equations, Laplace, Linear Algebra, Calculus.


As we know that there are 100 questions in the exam paper within a time of 2 hours which gives us very little time to solve the numerical. You need to focus to attempt 60 questions, which will give you marks without any negative marking.


We advise you to divide the syllabus into two parts. The first part contains the easier topics and the second part contains the harder or the numerical part. The segregation of the topics is-  


First Part

Second Part


     Machine Design

     Fluid Mechanics


     Engineering Mathematics: Probability, Differential Equations, Laplace, Linear Algebra, Calculus.

     Strength of Materials

     Theory of Machines

     Heat transfer

     Engineering Mechanics

     Industrial Engineering

     Engineering Materials


*Note- Sometimes the difficult topics contain easier questions, so don’t leave any topic behind.

Preparation Strategy

Here are some of the ways to crack the BARC Scientific Officer Mechanical preparation

     Try to give a tough mock exam that focuses on time management.

     Try to use the interface very effectively.

     After 1 hour of the exam, your attempt should be 35-40 questions. And 20 to 25 questions should mark which you will attempt in the next hour. (There should be no more than 25 questions which are mark for review)

     Prepare all subjects in detail.

     Try to avoid time-consuming and lengthy questions.

     Attempt 60-65 questions with 90% accuracy. Don’t rush to attempt the full paper, it will be a waste of time. Don’t forget this exam carries negative marking/

     Maintain consistency after the GATE exam.

     Solve previous year’s questions of GATE + IES.

     Don't compare your paper set with others.

     Have faith in yourself.


Remember, that around 70% contains numerical and rest theory. Here are some of the things that you have to keep in mind before you start writing-


     As you are going through the question paper, you have to decide which questions you have to attempt first and try to solve each question within 1.5 minutes.

     If you feel that solving the numerical is taking more than 1.5 minutes, then, leave that question. Mark that question on the solving paper and proceed with your next answers, solve the marked ones at last.

     The teachers suggest the students solve the theory question first, it will take around thirty seconds or max to a minute. If you solve the easier one first, this will ensure you crack your mind for the numerical.

     Try to solve the question paper with the selective approach. You might have prepared for the whole syllabus, but in the examination hall, your mind might go blank.

     Never leave any topics, try to study all the topics in the syllabus. Learn all the formulas and don’t get confused with each other on various topics.

     Try to solve the previous question papers and start time management.


If you haven’t appeared in the GATE exam and don’t know what you should do. Then follow up these BARC Scientific Officer Mechanical preparation tips to ace the BARC ME 2021 exam.


     Choose any 4 subjects and read them thoroughly. Try to make notes and revise them by heart.

     For the rest of the subjects, try to read in a way that concepts can be constructed. They will be helpful in your written exam.

     It is suggested that you should go through all the previous year's questions for the ESE Preliminary exam and solve them at least twice.

     Join a test series and take the exam. Revise the questions from the mock series and make concise notes which can be revised at the very last moment.

     After you qualify in the written stage, join the mock interview program if possible. It will help you a lot.




For mechanical Thermal portion includes


1) Thermodynamics — Cengel, Pk NAG

2)Fluid mechanics and machinery — Cengel, FM white

3) Heat transfer - Cengel, Incropera

4) RAC - C P Arora

5) IC engine - Mather and Sharma, V. Ganeshan

6) Power Plant - Pk NAG


For Design area, it includes


1)Material science - Callister, Swadesh sir notes from Made easy

2) Strength of Materials - James and Gere for theory, SS Rattan for Question Practice

3) Machine Design - VB bhandari

4) Theory of machines - SS Rattan

5) Mechanics - HC Verma

BARC Scientific Officer Preparation

You need to divide the subject according to the week wise. Here is the list that you can follow to complete your BARC Scientific Officer Preparation. Each subject is to be completed each week with the topics included inside it.




Day 1


      Hydrology-Irrigation Nuclear Quiz-1

Day 2

     Hydrology-Irrigation Nuclear Quiz-2

      Hydrology-Irrigation Nuclear Quiz-3

Day 3

     Fluid Mechanics

     Fluid Mechanics Nuclear Quiz-1

Day 4

     Fluid Mechanics Nuclear Quiz-2

     Fluid Mechanics Nuclear Quiz-3

Day 5

     Hydrology-Irrigation + Fluid Mechanics

     Subject Revision Quiz 1

Day 6

     Strength Of Material

     Strength Of Material Nuclear Quiz-1

Day 7

     Strength Of Material Nuclear Quiz-2

      Strength Of Material Nuclear Quiz-3

Day 8

     Construction Material and Management

     Construction Material and Management Nuclear Quiz-1

Day 9

     Construction Material and Management Nuclear Quiz-2

     Construction Material and Management Nuclear Quiz-3

Day 10

     Construction Material and Management + Strength Of Material

     Subject Revision Quiz 2

Day 11


     Surveying Nuclear Quiz-1

Day 12

     Surveying Nuclear Quiz-2

     Surveying Nuclear Quiz-3

Day 13

     Transportation Engineering

     Transportation Engineering Nuclear Quiz-1

Day 14

     Transportation Engineering Nuclear Quiz-2

     Transportation Engineering Nuclear Quiz-3

Day 15

     Surveying  + Transportation Engineering

     Subject Revision Quiz 3

     Design of Concrete Structures

Day 16

     Design of Concrete Structures Nuclear Quiz-1

     Design of Concrete Structures Nuclear Quiz-2

Day 17

     Design of Concrete Structures Nuclear Quiz-3

     Design of Steel Structures

Day 18

     Design of Steel Structures Nuclear Quiz-1

     Design of Steel Structures Nuclear Quiz-2

Day 19

     Design of Steel Structures Nuclear Quiz-3

     Design of Concrete Structures + Design of Steel Structures

     Subject Revision Quiz-4

Day 20

     Structural Analysis

     Structural Analysis Nuclear Quiz-1

Day 21

     Structural Analysis Nuclear Quiz-2

     Structural Analysis Nuclear Quiz-3

     Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering

Day 22

     Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering Nuclear Quiz-1

     Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering Nuclear Quiz-2

Day 23

     Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering Nuclear Quiz-3

     Structural Analysis + Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering

     Subject Revision Quiz 5

Day 24

     Environmental Engineering

     Environmental Engineering Nuclear Quiz-1

Day 25

     Environmental Engineering Nuclear Quiz-2

     Environmental Engineering Nuclear Quiz-3

Day 26

     Engineering Mathematical

     Engineering Mathematical Nuclear quiz-1

Day 27

     Engineering Mathematical Nuclear quiz-2

     Engineering Mathematical Nuclear quiz-3

Day 28

     Engineering Mathematical + Environmental Engineering

     Subject Revision Quiz 6

Day 29

     Full Syllabus Test



As you are preparing the syllabus, then try to solve the GATE paper and try to understand their pattern and even solve enough mock tests. This will ensure your confidence and will help you to attempt more questions. Stay Connect with our Education blog & you can write for us education

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