What Are The Prime Benefits Of VPN? Did You Need One?


Using the internet in today’s fast-growing world has become a necessity. Internet accessibility has majorly contributed to collective as well as individual advancement. While checking the weather forecast or designing a website. It can rightfully be said that it provides the solutions from a pin to a plane.

However, using the internet without precaution can be troublesome. The inflow of data can be injurious to you if security is absent.  People use various security options that help them maintain their privacy. Your feeble privacy can easily be infiltrated without any difficulty if you’re unaware of the security options.

It’s the human tendency to learn something after he has suffered the tampering but this must not apply when privacy is on the line. To make you aware of one of the best security solutions and its power, let's proceed further and understand what a VPN is.

What Is VPN?

VPN or a Virtual Private Network is a tool that performs tasks such as hiding the IP address of the user, makes blocked content accessible,  secure browsing, and helps in maintaining privacy. This all is possible by creating a private tunnel that is difficult to invade.

Prime Benefits of VPN

VPN performs various user-friendly functions, some of which are mentioned above. However, there are numerous benefits that the user enjoys whilst using a VPN.

Absolute Privacy -  Not everyone wants others to know what they’ve been surfing on your computer and you might be one of them. You must know that incognito mode in your browser does not help you in privacy at all. Your Internet Service Provider can easily fetch your history from the records. However, the VPN can even trick such Service Providers.

Geo-blocking -  Enjoying your favorite international shows is no more a dream if you are aware of the VPN. Everyone, once in a lifetime must have come across content that cannot be streamed as it was not released for your location. This problem is called Geo-blocking or Geo-restriction. You can easily change your location virtually with a single tap using a VPN.

Torrenting – Many people are unaware of this term but those who know are regular users of torrents. Torrent simply provides free stuff such as applications, games, movies, and much more free of cost. However, torrents are banned in most parts of the world to combat piracy. With VPN you can get access to torrent sites easily by switching to a location virtually.  Many of you search for free vpn for hotstar while streaming your favorite content. 

Safer browsing – No one likes to get observed over the internet irrespective of the nature of their data.  An encrypted connection is without a doubt the safest way to secure the data. It is used to safeguard your data from hackers, making your data more secluded.

Targeted advertising – Regular internet users who are accustomed to shopping online tend to search for their needs on the various shopping platforms more frequently. If you’re one of them, you must have noticed that you come across advertisements that are closely related to the items you viewed for shopping, or even similar items are seen sometimes. Is this magic that your needs are identified by the internet?  NO, it means that your privacy is being compromised. To counter these targeted ads, VPN is no doubt the best solution.

Band-width fluctuations – You might have noticed speed issues on certain URLs even when your connection is excellent. This is because of the direct control of Internet Service Providers over your network. They can control your bandwidth whenever they want. VPNs can come in handy in such cases.  By creating a connection through VPN, the user can surf through an encrypted tunnel which can help the user to visit these URLs smoothly.

Do You Need A VPN?

The use of VPN directly depends upon the nature of the work and whether or not it is legal to use a VPN in your location. However, it is advisable to use a VPN as there are numerous benefits a VPN carries. VPNs are generally used by professionals as they are more accustomed to using them and are fully aware of their benefits. Their day-to-day tasks require the use of a VPN. There is a strong battle running between expressvpn vs strongvpn check it out that will help you in choosing the best vpn as per your requirement. 

Apart from professionals, there are mid and low-tier users of the internet. The use of VPN in these two categories is rare and is purely based upon the user’s whim and the knowledge he/she carries. Low-end users involve the students who use the internet primarily focused on their studies and do not require a VPN for their study-oriented connections. Mid-users of the internet involve the users who are casual users of the internet, and possibly are aware of the VPN.


There are countless benefits that a VPN carries making it worthwhile to use, but whether or not you need a VPN solely depends upon the nature of your tasks over the internet.

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