Unique Uses for Canopies to Help Keep You Cool This Summer


Changes in the weather can make it challenging to plan open-air activities for your family and business. However, portable canopies take some of the stress out of outdoor event planning as they provide cover from the sun and rain on any occasion. Portable canopies, which generally consist of a steel frame and a sturdy fabric top, are moveable shelters that fold up for handy storage and transport. Since the canopy portion of the frame pops up when opened, portable canopies are also known as pop-up canopies. The legs on portable canopies are adjustable to offer instant shade and rain protection at various heights.

Portable canopies typically have convenient carrying cases that allow for trouble-free storage in closets, garages, basements or sheds. And being moveable, the canopies can easily be kept in the backs of vehicles. Having a portable canopy is like having a big umbrella available at all times -- you never know when it may be needed! The uses for portable canopies in both work and recreation are endless. Below are some unique and creative ways to apply portable canopies in the home and business settings.

At-home Uses for Portable Canopies 

Deck or Patio Shelter - In the summertime, a speedy shade solution for beating the heat and avoiding the sun’s harmful UV rays is often necessary. For example, while having your morning cup of coffee or hosting an afternoon dinner party, the cooling effect of a portable canopy can be a godsend

Swimming Pool Cabana - Frolicking in the backyard pool is always enjoyable in the scorching heat of summer, but eventually you’ll need a break. Arrange a handy pop-up canopy over your lounge chairs and escape to your own poolside oasis. A swift time-out in the shade will keep you energized for more fun in the sun afterwards.

Garden or Sandbox Cover - Given that pop-up canopies are conveniently adjustable by height, they’re ideal for catching some shade while you’re working close to the ground in the garden. You might also place one over your kids’ sandbox or play area to keep them out of the scorching sun. 

Yard Sale Protector - One person’s cast-off is another person’s treasure. Let your customers enjoy a more pleasant browsing and shopping experience by arranging your yard sale items beneath a portable canopy. In this way you’ll keep your buyers out of the sun and your merchandise dry if it begins to rain. 

Portable Canopies for Business

Outdoor Markets - While customers enjoy open-air shopping at your venue, a portable canopy will keep you sheltered from the sun and rain, as well as keep your equipment, produce, baked goods or other merchandise safe from weather-related damage. They’re also easy enough to handle that you can use one at a roadside farm stand, a flea market booth or a children’s neighborhood lemonade stand and not have to spend hours setting them up and tearing them down. 

Trade Shows and Expos - Whether you own a small business or work for a large company, outdoor trade shows and expos offer an excellent way to hook up with new and current customers. From local fairs to major corporate events, outdoor canopies let both staff and customers feel at ease in the elements. Having an attractive enclosed area at a trade show or other business event not only provides protection from the sun and rain, but also adds a touch of professionalism to your display.

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