Unique content and internal linking: the basis of free promotion


Unique content itself is certainly very important, but there are two more important points: the demand for the text by the target audience and the relevance of users' search queries, which are often forgotten. At the same time, the more competition on demand, the more important is the uniqueness of the content and this service can provide only that SEO company which have good knowledge of writing unique content.

When we talk about free promotion, we assume that you are an expert in your professional field and will be able to write several texts with unique content on your own. Put yourself in the shoes of your users and give answers to important questions that interest them, remember, this information must be needed “here and now,” then this text will certainly be in demand.

Is it possible to use non-unique content and how will this affect the promotion?

There are cases when the reprint of non-unique content, not only does not harm the promotion, but, on the contrary, helps. There reputable publications in your business segment, reprints from which will lead to additional traffic to your site. But when publishing these materials, a link to the source is required. It is important that your site, in addition to reprints, has its own unique content.

Non-unique texts from authoritative resources will indexed normally and can quickly take a high position in the search. Be sure to remember that your audience should be interested in this information, then you can safely reprint someone else's non-unique content. In this case, you will not receive sanctions and search engines will normally rank someone else's borrowed content.

Relinking is the second important component of free website promotion.

Internal linking is, in fact, the creation of a link mass, to the main promoted pages within the site itself. That is, you do not buy links, but make them inside the site itself. Relinking has a second positive function, it connects pages to each other, which greatly helps in site navigation.

Internal linking is done in order to solve the following tasks:

  • increasing page weight,
  • acceleration of indexing,
  • promotion of new website pages.
  • makes it easier for search robots to index pages
  • increases the number of pages viewed by users, which leads to improved behavioral factors and an increase in the time spent on the site.

Thanks to all of the above, your site increases its position in the search results for free.

How to correctly relink the site so that it has a positive impact on the promotion

In order to improve the factors of website promotion, it is important to choose the right anchor text. Anchor is the text of the link in the tag <a> </ a> (from the English word anchor - which means anchor) that leads to the promoted page of the site SEO company.

What are the anchors for promotion:

  • UNDILUTED is a key phrase with a direct occurrence, for example "buy a smartphone"
  • DILUTED - includes, in addition to the promoted request, additional words, for example, "buy galaxy s5"
  • NATURAL - in principle, they are not requests for promotion, for example, "more", "see here", but by adding the desired anchor to these links, you can use them as well.

Tips on how to use anchors correctly when linking

Anchors and near-link text should be relevant, readable and include different key phrases. It recommended to use unique anchors so that there is no “link gluing”.

You cannot duplicate keywords in one anchor, it is best to use diluted anchors, then the link mass will be more natural.

When adding new unique content to the site, be sure to add several links to the new publication - this will speed up its indexing and add link weight to it.

Avoid placing external links on those pages that you promote or close them from indexing. In this case, you will not "transfer" the link weight to someone else's resource. Be sure to link to the main page of the site in the middle of the text.

Conclusion: In order for your site to get to the TOP of search engine results, it is not enough just to create it, you need to persistently and constantly go to it. One of the first steps you need to take is internal linking, which will be appreciated by both your visitors and crawlers. Happy promotion!

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