Top 7 Short treks in Himachal

The ‘Crown of India’, Himachal Pradesh is packed with a plethora of super amazing treks that are worth exploring for every avid hiker. Passing through breathtaking forests of oaks and Rhododendron, verdant valleys, gurgling streams, and rolling meadows, these treks take you closer to mother nature and offer a memorable trekking experience amidst the gigantic mountains. 

These treks have varying levels of altitude and terrains, which together determine their levels of difficulty. As you climb up, the awe-inspiring views all around will motivate you to acquire the heights that you have dreamt of.

There are a number of amazing short treks in Himachal, suitable for beginners. From the easy Prashar Lake Trek to the moderate Kareri Lake Trek, there are so many super gorgeous treks awaiting you in the Himalayas.

  • Patalsu Trek
Once in a lifetime you must take a short trek to Patalsu if you are a person who is quite fond of nature and snowclad mountains. This trek starts and ends in the Solang valley, a beautiful place located near Manali. It will be a beautiful experience for you trekking along the lush green forests, pine and oak trees of Manali, and small brooks before reaching the peak of Patalsu. 

Trekking to Patalsu will be of moderate level difficulty and it is located at a height of 13,846 ft. You can take a short four days trek to Patalsu where you will have to start the journey from Solang Village and halt at various stoppages to start your journey the next day. The journey of climbing the peak can be difficult but the feeling of achievement and the tranquilizing views of kullu valley, Hanuman Tibba from the mountain peak can be a visual delight to you and will stay fresh forever for sure. Check out the Thrillophilia reviews for more information on Patalsu Trek. 
  • Kareri Lake Trek

The beautiful Kareri Lake trek is located in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. To start this trekking journey for Kareri Lake which is located at an altitude of 9650 ft you have to reach Dharamshala. The journey can be of moderate difficulty based upon your stamina and strength. After reaching Dharamshala you can walk through 25 kms of Kareri Village and then proceed to 6 kms of Liyoti Village for a night stay. From here after passing the steep Kareri Nallah and Nyund Nallah, Reoti Village, pine forests, you can finally reach the glacial Kareri lake. A night camping near this nature’s wonder will be the most beautiful memory for you to be cherished forever. 

  • Prashar Lake Trek

If you are a beginner in trekking, Prashar Lake trek will be one of the best treks for you to start with and the excellent Thrillophilia reviews about it tells all. It is situated at an altitude of 8956 ft which will be quite easy to trek on for a short trip. You can start your journey from Pansara and head to Jwalapur village passing across forest ranges. From here itself you have to cross small villages overlooking the Dhauladhar, Pirpanjal and kinnaur ranges to reach the holy Prashar lake within a walking time of 5 hours. According to hindu mythology Sage Prashar used to meditate and chant the vedas near this lake which makes it a holy place for the locals. You can enjoy your peaceful moments in the silence of this place and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. Make sure to watch the orange painted sunrise and sunset skies from the hilltop.

  • Lamadugh Trek

If ever getting a chance then surely grab the opportunity of trekking to the Lama Dugh trek which is a gem of Himachal Pradesh. Located at a height of 9900 ft the trekking journey to this beautiful snow-clad mountain range will be an easy task for you. You can offer your prayers at the Manu temple and start your journey with blessings of the Almighty. From here onwards you have to cross several oak and pine forest ranges, flowery meadows, brooks where you can spend some peaceful moments, finally reaching at the Lama Dugh hill top. You can capture the mesmerizing views of Hanuman, Deo tibba and Bara Shigri glacier from the hilltop.

  • Khar Myundari Trek

When you are thinking of going on a trekking journey to some peaceful mountain top, then head out on your journey to the beautiful Khar Myundari located in Manali. Located at an height of 11,200 ft the journey can be easy to moderate level depending on your strength and stamina. After reaching Manali via train or bus you can start your journey from the Setan village. To reach the peak you have to pass across various forests covered with pine and deodar trees, meadows covered with wildflowers and apple orchids which can give you numerous  enjoyable moments. Finally after reaching the hilltop  you can appreciate the phenomenal Kullu valley views. You can go camping on the hilltop under the starry sky, alpine lakes and marvellous mountain ranges offering the most stunning views.

  • Triund Trek

If ever the thought of trekking comes to your mind, without giving a second thought book your plans to Triund trek which is a best spot for beginners. With its location at an altitude of 9760 ft it is quite an easy spot to trek and flaunts the beautiful Dhauladhar range and Kangra valley on either side. You can start your journey from McLeodganj, succeeding towards gallu devi temple and long forest pathways and reaching Bhagsu Nag temple. You can visit this holy temple and halt at the Magic View cafe for refreshments while enjoying the Kangra valley views. From here you pass through the beautiful forest ranges and alpine trees. Your  next destination will be the mountaintop where you have camping nights and don’t forget to watch the blissful sunrise and sunset views.

  • Bhagsu Nag Trek

Sometimes if you have dreamt of going on an adventurous trekking in the marvellous mountain ranges then make your dream true by going on the Bhagsu Nag trek. Located at an height of 7000 ft it will be quite an easy task and the journey can be finished in around 1-2 days. You can start your journey from McLeodganj which consists of a village and a stunning waterfall bearing the name Bhagsu Nag. This trekking place has a mythological connection to it which narrates a battle story between the snake god Naga and a king named Bhagsu. It is quite an easy trekking journey where you have to just walk along the villages to reach the beautiful BhagsuNag waterfall which is covered with lush greenery and splendid mountains all around. You can stop in cute cafes for refreshments  or handicraft shops to carry yourself some essence through souvenirs.

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