Top 3 Reasons Why People Should Consider Buying Tiny Homes

Buying Tiny Homes

History has witnessed people working to procure more resources than they need, striving to own houses with more space than they require, but the Earth has only so much to give, and its resources are finite. More and more people are starting to realise this truth about our planet and opting to lead a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. A significant step in this direction of sustainability is taken when individuals choose to buy tiny homes. Purchasing a tiny home is not merely a choice that a few individuals have been making. It is instead a movement that is spreading across the globe. The campaign, formally known as the Tiny House Movement, encourages people to buy tiny homes for several reasons.

The tiny house movement

This movement officially originated from the United States of America and has been spreading its roots worldwide. It is based on the simple philosophy of being content with having just the amount of space one requires in their house. However, there are several reasons people want to be part of such a movement or opt to buy tiny homes. Three most significant reasons have been highlighted below:

  1. The freedom one experiences when living in a tiny home

Many tiny homes are small spaces containing a kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. Their small size allows them to be structures that can be built on wheels. A house on wheels gives its occupant a type of freedom that no other kind of home can offer. If one gets tired of the scenery around them, takes a job in some other place, or wants to change their surroundings, they can hook their tiny home to a vehicle and move. A person who wants to travel without leaving the comforts of their home can take their home with them on their adventures if they buy tiny homes.

  1. Buying a tiny home is an affordable practise that everyone can do 

Most regular homeowners spend a significant part of their salary on the costs of sustaining a big house. When people buy tiny homes, they do not have to pay that much for electricity, water, gas, energy or general maintenance. Therefore, a tiny home is a cheaper alternative to buying a big house or paying rent, and the saved money can be used for many other causes. 

  1. Buying a tiny home is an environmentally friendly option

When one lives in a tiny home, they use only what is necessary for them. This living significantly reduces one's consumption of finite resources like energy, gas, water etc. The waste generated in a tiny home is also minimal. The overall carbon footprint of people who buy tiny homes is significantly lesser than everyone else. 


To buy tiny homes is akin to living a more sustainable, free and cheaper lifestyle in all. One is not tied down by their materialism and can embrace the beauty of the world outside if they are owners of a tiny home. The aesthetic of having a small house also reminds individuals of the things that truly matter in life, and buying a tiny home can lead to a more wholesome and sustainable lifestyle. 

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