Tips To Recognize Pure Craft Beer In Its Identity Crisis on Markets

If you don’t know what craft beer stands for, it is one of the most popularly known beer brands that increases the desire of its consumers. Beer lovers will only be able to taste the craft beer in its true essence.

When it comes to having an ordinary glass of beer, the drink has generally got a harsh taste, which is the key reason for ignorance. But once you find the actual essence of beer, you would deny having cups of tea and start tasting craft beer. There are various types of beer all around the world. If you want to taste beer in its purest form, then you might think of nothing but craft beer. 

Read on to know more about choosing a real craft beer among the ones with fake brand labeling.

Craft Beer In Its Purest Form

Craft beer is alcohol in its purest form of natural things like various berries and other fruits. Craft beer is popularly known as one of the best and authentic breweries in the 21st century. Craft beer might sound a bit weird, but it is the purest form of beer that you can ever taste. If you do not have much idea on craft beer and its manufacturing of craft beers, go through the following blog to enlighten yourself now!

Ways To Tell If Craft Beer Is Pure

Most beer lovers from the 21st century complain about the lack of craft beer taste and essence. But, unfortunately, a person who has just started to taste beer will not be able to differentiate the real craft beer from the fake ones. However, you don’t have to worry about anything as the following points will help you gain some knowledge on how to recognize real craft beer:

  • Rocky Head: Most people prefer pouring out beer in separate glasses before taking sips of them. It is one of the most convenient ways of recognizing real craft beer. When you pour craft beer into a glass, you will notice a thick layer of bubbles on the top. The more bubbles you get to see on top of the glass, the better the craft beer quality you can expect. But if you do not have any bubble layer on top of your drink, then there are possibilities of the craft beer being fake.

  • Lacing: Lacing is quite common in beer but not in other hard drinks. It is one of the significant signs of having a pure beer in your glass. Lacing is the layer or leftover thin lining of bubbles that stays on the clean glass from the inside while the level of beer goes down. If you do not find any lacing on the glass as you gulp down the beer, they are possibilities of being fake craft beer.

  • Finish: The finishing part is an essential part of recognizing authentic craft beer from other standard beers in the market. When you gulp down the craft beer, it will not leave any trace mark on the glass. It is the easiest way to understand children as well as others. After having one entire bottle of craft beer, you might feel a bit dizzy and would eventually crave more and more. If you do not crave craft beer after having one, then it is time for you to change your brand in craft beer.


We believe this detailed article has helped you find out fake craft beer and choose a quality and satisfactory craft beer for yourself. If you want to taste the real craft beer, go through the above point of choosing an authentic craft beer manufacturer now! 

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