Tips to Prepare Your Home for Cold Weather

While some people ride out their winters in warmer climates, those of us who are dealing with frigid temperatures and occasional snow have to get our houses in order to deal with the elements. Cold weather can be a cramp on what we do during the winter, but it's important as homeowners to have everything in place to be able to get through even the roughest of blizzards in the middle of January. Here are some tips to prepare for the drop in temperature and potential snowstorms.

Keeping the Heat Pumping

It's important to have your home heating or HVAC system checked before winter comes in to make sure the unit and the ductwork are ready to keep you warm for the next few months. You may want to book an appointment with a licensed HVAC technician to inspect your system, looking for potential equipment replacement. This could include a malfunctioning thermostat which may not trigger the heat when you need it the most.

Your thermostat problem could be technical, but it's better to figure out the issue rather than being stunned by a faulty thermostat when you need to crank up the heater. Homeowners may invest in digital thermostats for easier reading and temperature settings to better maintain when the temperature in your home goes up.

Sealing Leaks

You may have your heater cranked up as high as it can go, but the warmth is just not enough. That could be because the cold air from outside is seeping its way into your home. The wood trim around your exterior doors and windows can deteriorate quickly, leaving the possibility of rotten wood and cracks that let the elements in.

If you have the time to replace the trim, it could be beneficial. The best thing you can to do prevent the root is painting and caulking these areas where ventilation can come through any time of year. This is an easy DIY job, but you'll want to scrape away any bad paint or caulk first. You can then apply a fresh coat for the season.

Home Upkeep and Preparation

While spring cleaning is the common phrase, the truth is fall cleaning is just as important to make sure that your home is winter-ready. It's important to clean out your gutters and drains to make sure that buildup throughout the year doesn't lead to blockages that impact your draining.

Be sure that the gutters are also properly fastened, as ice and snow can pull them down off your house. Of course, make sure that you're prepared to deal with snow. If you own a snow blower, make sure it is gassed up and can start so it can be put into effect when you need it. Make sure your shovels and rock salt are also on standby in anticipation of the first big storm.

Getting the Winter Coats Out

If you store your winter clothes away for the season, be sure to pull them out of the attic or closet as the temperature drops. If you need to purchase winter hats, scarves, or puffy coats, do it before the start of winter while these items are much more available.

Make sure that everyone in your family is equipped for the colder weather, especially newcomers. Baby winter clothes, from snowsuits to booties, are of the utmost importance to keep your infant or toddler warm through the chillier time of year. For anyone in your family, stock up on sweaters and long-sleeve shirts. It's important to have winter clothing on hand in case the furnace stops. This includes having loose blankets and fleece to get you warm from December to March.

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