Things You Must Know if You’re Moving Abroad to Study in the UAE

 It’s certainly a tough decision when it comes to selecting a destination for higher studies. There’s not one but various factors a student must consider when making this all-important decision. The new place should be welcoming, offer quality education, have a safe environment, and above all, offer a quality lifestyle.

The UAE is one such country that ticks all these boxes. A melting pot of various cultures, it is home to a huge number of expatriates belonging to different regions. Furthermore, top cities, such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi, are home to some of the most reputable universities.

Suffice it to say, it happens to be a safe choice if you’re planning to study abroad. But remember that the transition can prove to be tough. Leaving the comforts of your home and moving to a new place is never easier. So, to make things a little easier for you, we are jotting down some important things that you must know if you have selected the UAE as the destination for your higher studies.

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Budget-Friendly Accommodation is Available

It is commonly believed that living in the UAE is very expensive. Particularly, in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, property prices and rents are on the higher side. However, even in these emirates, there are certain communities where you can find affordable rental properties. You can get studios and apartments for rent in Dubai in many residential projects and neighbourhoods. Furthermore, there are short-term rentals and shared accommodations as well.

It all eventually boils down to your requirements and the budget.  

The UAE is Safe & Secure

If there’s one thing you can rest assured about living in the UAE, it’s your safety and security. It ranks among the safest countries in the MENA region. You may end up feeling more secure here as compared to your hometown.

There are hardly any cases of pickpocketing, tourist scams, bag slashing, etc., which is a surprise since the country is home to some of the most popular tourist attractions. Having said that, it’s still recommended to take care of your belongings.

As per the UAE law, there are serious punishments for those found guilty of crimes against women. Therefore, even women in this region feel safer.

It has a Modern Outlook

Many believe that people in the UAE wear traditional clothes only. Women, in particular, are not allowed to wear western clothes. This, however, is merely a misconception.

As stated above, expats form a major chunk of the country’s population. Most of them prefer staying in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. And they follow their own dressing norms and styles. However, you should know that modesty is preferred here.

Among the various emirates, Dubai is more of a fashionable city. Therefore, you can flaunt the fashionista within you here. But in Abu Dhabi and other emirates, you will have to dress in a modest way.

It is a Multicultural Country

People living in the UAE belong to different cultures, and everyone enjoys the freedom to practice their own religion. Therefore, tolerance is widely practised. It is ingrained into the cultural identity of the country. While you’re here, don’t be surprised if you get invited to an iftar party, Eid celebrations, Holi party, Christmas dinner, regardless of the religion you practice.

However, there are certain ‘cultural faux pass’ you should know about. As it is basically an Islamic country, public display of affection with the opposite sex can get you in trouble. Similarly, sharing a room with them in a hotel is also prohibited if you are not married. Other than that, swearing, drinking in public, making rude gestures are other noticeable offences.

Transportation in the UAE is Affordable

If you have been fond of cycling in your hometown, you will have to give it a pass here in the UAE. There are no bicycle lanes. Furthermore, the temperature tends to get on the higher side during the daytime. This further makes it impractical to paddle your way to work. This leaves students with the option to opt for public transport since taxis are quite expensive. Fortunately, the network of public buses and other transportation means is quite extensive. You can easily reach from one place to the other on a budget.

We hope that knowing these important things will help you settle in the UAE conveniently if you’ve selected it for getting higher studies. You can find apartments or flats for students on Zoom Property Portal.


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