Outlook [pii_email_aedc4a3be3428a5007f5] Error Simple Fix

Microsoft Office [pii_email_aedc4a3be3428a5007f5] error code is a common problem among computer users since it happens while trying to lookup unread emails. User may not be able to use Outlook application conveniently when they see this error code on their computer. That is why they look forward to fix it and get rid of it as soon as possible. In case you are also trying to fix Microsoft error [pii_email_aedc4a3be3428a5007f5], then you may have experience that it is quite difficult to troubleshoot. However, some users have solved it by updating their application. You can also try updating your Outlook application and see if that resolves this problem since it is among the most convenient and effective solutions.

Now the thing is you may not be able to update the application if you don’t have any prior experience, and that is why we are going to illustrate everything in this article so that you can eliminate Outlook glitch within a while. Microsoft Office is absolutely a beast when it comes to productivity utilities on Windows based computers. Microsoft Office productivity suite is even stronger and more popular then Apple’s elite productivity tools. However, the only reason why some people ignoring MS Outlook is because it shows them error code pii_email_aedc4a3be3428a5007f5. You must know the correct procedure to fix this issue, and you can have that in this article.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s dive in and check out this Microsoft Office problem.

What is the [pii_email_aedc4a3be3428a5007f5] Error Code?

The research on exact causes of this error is still going on since technicians are unable to find out one accurate reason behind this error code. Still we have some common reasons that are responsible for this technical glitch on your Outlook program. According to a research, broken files and outdated elements in the outlook program files are the biggest reasons for error code on Outlook. There are some ways to repair these broken files to make the outlook error free and function able.

Procedure to fix Outlook Error Pii_Email_Aedc4a3be3428a5007f5

Some procedures are known for fixing Outlook technical glitch, and we are going to discuss them below:

1. Check your Internet Utility

A weak internet connection is one of the major issues that can lead to error codes in your Outlook email application since it will prevent Outlook from accessing important information from the internet. when your email manager try to find information from the internet but its data download request is suspended due to weak internet connectivity, you could face some technical problems and codes on your screen.

Therefore, the most reasonable solution for the [pii_email_aedc4a3be3428a5007f5] error code is checking your internet connection and resolving it if there is something wrong with your internet. If you think your internet connectivity is pretty strong and stable, you don’t have to follow this solution at all.

2. Repairing Outlook Program Files

Although you can re-download Outlook application to replace all program files, it is always advisable to repair all your computer system files using a system file repair software. A file repairing tool will help you restore all your computer lost files within a few minutes including the outlook files as well.

Here is a simple way to restore your computer files:

  1. First and foremost, open your computer start menu and search for command prompt.
  2. Once you enter into the command prompt screen, please enter the below command and execut it using the enter key.
  3. Sfc /scannow.
  4. When you enter the above command, your computer will start scanning damage program files.
  5. Once it detects some lost or broken files, the process of restoration will be started.
  6. This process will also restore your Outlook damaged system files, fixing the outlook [pii_email_aedc4a3be3428a5007f5] problem.
  7. Once this process is complete, you can restart your computer and open Outlook to see whether it is working fine or not.

3. Use the Web Version

There are email sites that you can use instead of Outlook to access your emails and related services. It is always better to use the official website of your email address rather than using a third-party application such as Outlook. So if you have a Google account, you can sign into your account using the gmail website. This will save your time and you won’t be prevented by the errors. So, web versions will always be better than Outlook application.

4. Contact Microsoft Office Support to Remove [pii_email_aedc4a3be3428a5007f5]

If the Outlook problem continue on your computer, and you wish to fix it, take help from Microsoft Office customer helpline. They are absolutely skilled and experienced in treating any kind of technical problem in their applications. You can easily get in touch with Microsoft Office Customer Service by visiting their support web page. Simply search for MS Office Support on Google and you will be able to speak to them. Once you get in touch with them, please explain that you are getting error [pii_email_aedc4a3be3428a5007f5] on Outlook while opening emails. Let them know that you are facing this error code. They will give you some professional suggestions to fix it.


This is all you can do to get rid of this Outlook error and keep your emails running smoothly. The hope you have found this article beneficial and relevant to your query. Thank you for coming here and spending your time with us.

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