Motoring Laws Have Changed During the Pandemic: The Logistics Industry Will Never be the Same

As the pandemic had hit the world by storm, since 2020, new motoring laws have been prevailing throughout the globe to prevent motorists pose health risks on passengers. According to mitring experts at, new rules in the United Kingdom regarding motoring has significantly impacted the businesses and industries, logistics companies are no exception. In the United Kingdom, motoring laws have been changed since the widespread of the pandemic. The country has also seen so many national lockdowns for the past one and a half year.

For example, in terms of using smartphones inside the vehicles, SUVs, and lorries, motoring laws have been getting strict to prevent drivers using mobile phones whilst driving. Many other changes in laws have happened that resulted in different consequences. Let us discuss in this post how motoring laws have changed in the UK and how your same day courier UK company can be affected by them.

The Change in Motoring Laws After the Pandemic

In the UK, the government has always given more preference to those vehicles that reduce carbon emissions and contribute towards creating a green economy. This means, that in the UK, vehicles with over the past few months have been provided with special number plates. The purpose of these special number plates by the Government is to encourage the drivers of low emission. These drivers will not be subject to any charges if they drive to the major cities of the country.

So, if your family members have been off the road for the most part of the year 2020, they must focus on getting a vehicle that is environmentally-friendly and contributes something to the green economy. For the past one year, people have been locked down in their houses and avoiding getting out. That is the reason why the government has changed a few rules to safeguard their lives.

Whether you are providing courier services in Sydney or you are the owner of a of multidrop courier UK company, it is important to understand the updating of these laws during the national lockdowns. Before you take any big trips around the city or your logistics drivers drive across the major cities, new motoring laws must be memorised.

Here is the description of these laws.

1.       Strict Mobile Phone Use Paneity

If your drivers are still keen about using smartphones while behind the steering wheel, it is time for them to let this habit go. The new motoring laws in the UK have just become stricter than ever; that implies using a mobile phone or a cell phone during driving is completely illegal in the country. The legality of using mobiles has been always controversial for drivers in many countries. But the updates after the pandemic have confirmed it for the drivers of your European delivery and pickup services.

Drivers have been trying to avoid prosecutions in 2019 due to strict mobile phone usage laws in the UK. What does that involve? If your drivers have been trying to take any photos or shooting videos when driving, strict penalties have been introduced for them. For example, the new penalty of a fine of 200 pounds has been announced for a driver who is caught holding their mobile phone in tehri hands while driving on the road.

Not only that, if one of your drivers working in the weekend parcel delivery UK company are caught with cell phones while driving, they will also lose six points on their driving licence.

2.       Smart Motorways After the Pandemic

If your drivers don’t know about this rule, it is the right time to teach them this rule. It states that if a driver is driving in a lane with a red X sign, they will be fined. That means if your drivers are caught by the motorway police in a closed lane, they are liable to pay a fixed fine of 200 pounds at the spot.

This has enhanced the concept of smart motorways in the United Kingdom along with many other counters. Stronger penalties are issued each day for drivers with an intention of saving their lives.

3.       Clean Air Zones Came into Being

All the big cities of the United Kingdom have seen a major change during 2021. For example, all the cities with high emissions rate have seen an introduction of clean air zones This means that such drivers must use electric vehicles or either low emission cars or trucks.

This also means that the drivers will be charged daily for driving in certain areas behind the wheel of a less environmentally-friendly car. In Leeds, Oxford, and Bristol, these charges are also being introduced slowly throughout 2021.

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