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Mobile credit card processing is turning out to be a boon for both businesses and customers as it allows companies to process electronic payments on the go and provides customers with a seamless experience, ease of buying and convenience.

To thrive in today's digital age accepting mobile payments is a must for businesses to offer a frictionless, secure and fast way to consumers to make purchases. Let us dive deeper to understand what mobile credit card processing is and how it works.

What is Mobile Credit Card Processing?

With society becoming mobile-centric, the popularity of mobile credit card processing is growing leaps and bounds. Mobile credit card processing is often referred to as mobile payments by people. On the contrary, mobile credit card processing is one of the ways mobile payments can be made. There are several ways to make mobile payments like mobile wallets, In-store mobile payments, mobile e-commerce, P2P mobile, and mobile credit card processing.

Mobile credit card processing allows businesses to accept payments through debit and credit cards anywhere. 

It offers businesses convenience, flexibility, agility and is affordable as the upfront operational costs are low. Best mobile credit card processing is highly beneficial for companies that lack counter space or have to take their products and services to trade fairs or roads as it allows them to accept payment on the go.

Mobile credit card processing provides you with a portable payment terminal where a smartphone or tablet enables the mobile point of sale (mPOS) system. It helps you to increase sales, digitally send receipts, enhance customer service and conduct secure transactions.

How It Works

You need a few things for setting a mobile point of sale (mPOS) to accept payments through mobile credit card processing. Having a merchant account with PCI compliance is the prerequisite for it. Other than that, you need:

  • Mobile Device- You will require a smartphone or a tablet.
  • Credit Card Reader- It is hardware that is connected to the mobile device via a USB. It reads the credit card details.
  • Mobile App- It is an app like other apps you download on your mobile phone that manages transactions. 

It works like a traditional POS system the only difference is here the system is portable. A merchant needs to connect a portable and small credit card reader to the mobile device via a USB. You then need to install an iPhone or Android mobile app on your device. The data can be stored on a credit card reader, and it can transmit the payment and send receipts digitally. These card readers are not tied to a landline and can go anywhere. The credit card readers can work on simple Wi-Fi or a 4G connection, but antivirus software should be installed. The costs of using mobile credit card processors are minimal. It enables you to manage your payment and billing on the go.

Who uses Mobile Credit Card Processing Services?

Many business types use mobile credit card processing services. A few such businesses are:

  • Food trucks
  • Restaurants
  • Cafes and coffee shops 
  • Farmers market
  • HVAC/ Air conditioning
  •  Events
  • Trade fairs
These are a few businesses to name. There are many other small businesses that use mobile credit card processing services as these are inexpensive and allow to accept payments anywhere.

Best Mobile Credit Card Processing App

Many mobile credit card processing apps are available in the market. To choose the best app for your business, you must consider your business needs. Here are some of the features that must be there in the app:

  1. Virtual terminal functionality

  2. Mobile device compatibility

  3. Unlimited users and devices

  4. Sending receipts digitally

  5. Data synchronisation

  6. Easy to use card reader

How Mobile Credit Card Processing Adds Value to your Business

This on-the-go payment accepting system can add value to different sizes and types of businesses though it is most suited for companies where the product is sold in the field. Here are the advantages it offers to all industries:

  1. Inexpensive setup.

  2. Low upfront operational costs.

  3. Real-time visibility of inventory.

  4. Safe and secure customer data.

  5. A sale is never missed as it can be used on the go.

  6. It is a fast and secure payment option.

  7. Customer data at your fingertips.

  8. Smaller checkout lines.

  9. It allows contactless payments.

  10. Higher profitability

  11. Robust interface

  12. Ability to email receipts to customers.


Best mobile credit card processing gives you an edge in attracting and serving the tech-driven generation. It helps to provide seamless shopping experiences to the customers and allows the companies to sell on the go.

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