How to Come Up With Cute Nicknames

Cute Nicknames

 If you watch a lot of TV shows and movies, you'll notice that many of the characters have cute nicknames. While it may seem like coming up with these sorts of nicknames would be easy, it is harder than it looks. After all, the nicknames of fictional characters were all created by professional writers. However, coming up with cute nicknames certainly is possible, even you don't think you'd be very good at it. Read on to learn several tips for giving someone a cute nickname.

Shorten the Person's Name

One of the easiest ways to give someone a cute nickname is to simply shorten their name. You can shorten someone's first name or last name, though it is more common to do it with the first name. For example, many girls named "Emily" are called "Em" or "Emmy" by their close friends and family. It is common for guys to be called by the first letter of their first name. For example, a guy named Thomas may go by "T." 

Name Them After Something They Like to Do

Another common way to come up with a cute nickname is to name a person after an activity they like to do. For example, a fellow student who likes to correct your work could be "Teach," because they act like a teacher. Someone who likes to drive a little too fast could be called "Speedracer." It is common for the person coming up with the nickname to use it to poke fun at the person getting the name. If this is the case, you should make sure to check with them to ensure they are okay with the nickname. It's better to get that out of the way upfront instead of finding out later that the nickname you've been calling your friend by actually bothers them.

Name Them After Something They Like to Wear

While coming up with a nickname based on someone's real name or based on something they like to do is quite common, it's a little more unique if you come up with a nickname from something they like to wear. For example, you can call a friend "Beanie" if they often wear them. You can also give your friends a nickname from a brand they like to wear. If you have a friend who wears Gucci all the time, "Gucci" would be a cute nickname for them. It is likely that they would like a nickname taken from their favorite brand.

What to do If Someone Doesn't Like the Nickname You Gave Them

Even if you think that you've come up with a great nickname, the person you've given it to may not like it. In this case, you should either change their nickname or stop calling them a nickname altogether. Some people find it quite insulting to be called by a nickname, even if the nickname seems harmless. This is why you should check with someone when you think of a cute nickname.

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