How to Choose the Right Tyres for Your Car?

It’s a known fact that tyres play a key role in determining the safety of your vehicle. They form the direct connection between the road surface and your car. This makes it really important to take proper and timely care of them. This is why automobile experts recommend getting the right set of tyres for your vehicle. And if you live in the emirates, pay your visit to the best dealer for tyres in Dubai.

Good quality tyres will increase the life of your vehicle as well as improve its fuel efficiency. Cheap quality ones, on the contrary, will make your ride unpleasant and bumpy. And not to mention, it’ll jeopardise your safety too.

Having said this, let’s look at some of the factors that you have to keep in mind while choosing tyres for your car:

With Tube or Tubeless

First things first, you should start by choosing whether you want to buy tubeless tyres or those with tubes. Going for tubeless tyres is the better choice as they’re safer and more advanced than tube ones. Additionally, they don’t inflate easily too and are rust-free as they come with anti-rust coating inside.

Tyre Size

You must choose the size of your car’s tyres after much consideration. Generally, the required size is mentioned in its handbook i.e., user’s manual. You can also find it on a sticker inside the door jam or on the fuel cap door.

Therefore, when buying new tyres, you should pick ones that are of the same size to ensure that your vehicle keeps on running properly. For instance, if you live in the UK, you’ve to buy tyres that have 175/50/R/16/96/H.

      175 is the tread width of the tyre

      50 is the percentage of tread width contributing in making the height of the sidewall.

      R refers to the radial construction of the tyre

      16 are inches showing the diameter of the tyre

      96 refers to the load index

      H is the speed rating of the tyre.

The size of the tyre is depicted by 3 parts i.e., size of the rim, the width of tread & height of sidewalls.

Rim Size

Bear in mind that the selected should be of the same as that of the rim on which you’ll fix them. If your tyres’ size varies, then it will adversely affect the handling of your ride.

Width of the Tread

Tread width plays an important role in determining the overall performance of your car. It depends on the vehicle you drive as well as your driving style. For example, if you’re into racing and like driving fast, you should go with wider treads. Whereas if you want to have good fuel economy and use your car for an everyday commute, narrower treads will be more suitable for you.

Height of the Sidewalls

You have to choose tyres that have the same sidewall height as your last tyres. The tread width and rim size also play an important role in choosing the height of your sidewalls.

Other than these you must also consider the type of tyres that are suitable for the area you live in.

In all, it’s clearly illustrated how tyre care is necessary for the smooth running of your car and the factors you need to take into account when buying them. However, there’s another thing that impacts the durability of your vehicle. It’s regular service and maintenance. And for this, you need to take it to a car service station and auto garage regularly.

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