How BPM Solutions Help Businesses Succeed

Business process management is a practice where business leaders use automated systems, human-centric methods, or document-based approaches to model, analyze, improve, and automate business processes. The goal is to identify any vulnerabilities in current business processes, especially ones that are costing money, and get them under control. Business process management software (BPMS), then, refers to any automation tools that can implement and monitor these processes.

These days, it's more and more important for large enterprises to rely on automated tools like this, so they can gather insights quickly to improve the workflow. The scalability of BPM tools also makes them a great choice for large organizations. Tools like this are essential for a successful digital transformation, which is the only way for a large company to stay competitive and relevant in a digital world of big data.

Organizations can use BPM anywhere that an action is repeatable and performed on a regular basis, such as in areas like HR processes, steps in the supply chain, or customer service. A business process management suite is one of the best ways to reduce mistakes and delays caused by human error. Here are a few areas where it can be the most helpful.

Employee Onboarding

If your enterprise is still relying on legacy systems in your human resources department, then you're likely exhausting both your HR employees and your applicants. You likely at least have digitized application forms, but BPM can help you automate multiple HR processes and offer a better user experience to all involved.

You'll immediately save and storage and printing costs if you're still using paper-based processes, and you'll also be able to create an onboarding checklist that can automatically collect applicant documents, provide tools to new hires, and grant appropriate levels of access to all new employees.

Content Marketing

This refers to any original content that your enterprise creates to showcase your products, services, and expertise. Content marketers often refer to this as the future of online advertising, and they aren't wrong. Content marketing is generally a big point that enterprise SEO firms like to hit.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a necessity for every enterprise site to rank high in search engine results pages (SERPs), so they can bring more organic traffic to their sites and increase their conversions. Things like pay-per-click (PPC) and social media content and advertising are important parts of an enterprise SEO strategy, but without original content spread everywhere, you'll have a hard time ranking long term.

Especially when it comes to enterprise SEO, there are a lot of processes that each piece of content goes through. This includes researching the right keywords, the initial writing process, editing to ensure the content matches your branding, publication, and even monitoring and analyzing content performance. BPM is crucial for any enterprise SEO company to plan an effective content strategy and workflow, and it helps gather insights on any inefficiencies in the overall process, so they can be addressed.

Order Processing

Every vendor knows the importance of an efficient ordering process and timely deliveries. Of course, ensuring these elements is rarely easy, considering how much information can be lost or how many delays there can be if you're still relying on legacy systems and a human-centric approach. This is doubly true if you offer customizable products but haven't worked a CPQ system into your business process.

BPM can automate your bulk ordering process, so you won't have to worry about the workflow being interrupted, which can result in lengthy delays and multiple dissatisfied customers. It can also help you set up an easily understandable user interface (UX) for customers to configure products that allow for multiple configuration options and automatically price them accordingly.

Ultimately, an integration-centric business process management solution gives you the easiest way to automate your business processes while feeding your business information to a single source of truth for analysis.

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