History of Gambling

Gambling has its roots in ancient civilizations. They were a popular pastime in Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. Of course, they have gone through many changes in the last century. Let's delve deeper into the history of the creation and spread of gambling and its peculiarities.

Gambling. Journey through time

Greek Mythology

Gambling is as old as mankind itself. According to Greek mythology, we even owe gambling the origin of the universe. Three brothers rolled the dice, deciding who would get each part of the world. Zeus conquered the universe, Poseidon conquered the seas, and Hades lost everything and was sent to hell as ruler of the underworld.

How exactly gambling was invented is pure speculation. We can only say with certainty that their origins are based on man's fascination with magic, religion, fortune-telling, and love of thrills. Tension, fear of losing the winnings, pride in winning and the illusion of security are available to all. Because of this, gambling quickly spread and became widely popular among different segments of the population.

Egyptian Legend

According to Egyptian legend Thoth, the god of night, played with the moon and received 1/72 of its light. He passed this gain on to Nut, the goddess of the sky. Since then the calendar has had 365 days instead of 360 days. The marked bones found in Egyptian tombs leave no doubt that the pharaohs did not leave the interpretation of the future to chance. Meanwhile, even the common people did not miss a chance to bet money and valuables on the outcome of their destiny.

Roman History

In ancient Rome, legionaries also passed the time by gambling. They had developed a precursor to roulette. In the Middle Ages, farmers rotated the wheel of a cart on a vertical axis, and in Venice, monks are said to have invented the idea of a spinning teapot. By the 11th century the game was fully developed in all its forms. Although the clergy and bishops at the time loved to play dice, they condemned gambling as the work of the devil. The double standard that runs through gambling is a red thread.

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