Career path for a Cloud Architect

Cloud computing is not only technology but also a revolution. Most organizations have cut their costs and better performed with cloud computing in their core business operations. Cloud architecture remains a prohibitive need. You will offer your career a new edge if you become a certified cloud professional. The cloud architect certification confirms the cloud's expertise and know-how to the firm. Therefore, the career path of the cloud architect is one of the promising jobs of cloud candidates.

Who is a Cloud Architect?

A cloud architect converts the technical requirements for a project into a design and architecture that guides the final output. Cloud Architects often work to bridge the gaps between complicated business problems and cloud solutions. Additional technology team members include DevOps engineers and developers collaborating with the Cloud Architect to guarantee that the proper technology is developed.

What does a Cloud Architect do?

Cloud Architects' primary objective is to transform the technical needs into the design and architecture, directing the production of the final result. In addition, they bridge the gaps between sophisticated cloud issues and enterprise solutions. In addition, they collaborate with other departments, including developers and engineers, to ensure that the technology being developed is correct.

Depending upon the firm needs, they develop the cloud environment. They monitor the cloud computing strategy, including cloud deployments, the application design and architecture, and plans for cloud adoption. Based on the frameworks they develop, there are different resources accessible for smooth cloud operation, such as firewalls, switches, routers, virtual machines, servers, and more.

The Architect also supports cloud environments such as the public cloud, hybrid cloud, and private cloud. This individual uses the firm to build and create dynamic cloud solutions with a thorough knowledge of its cloud architecture and platform.

You must provide expert advice about infrastructure to development teams. Architects need to take care of the IT environment throughout its lifecycle. They also select what kind of systems the company may require to perform.

Future of Cloud architect 

Due to the growing focus on cloud computing, cloud architects are in great demand. Cloud architecture and cloud computing certainly look forward to a successful career. Cloud technology starts replacing premises or internal technology with a rising IT sector and a strong need for storage capacity and speedy services. By 2027, the cloud market is expected to expand to 718.07 billion dollars, representing a CAGR of 13.9%. With the growing focus on developing cloud-based solutions and cloud technology dependence, the future of a cloud architect is quite exciting.

Cloud Architect career paths

Here are a few ways that can take you to a cloud architect job.

  1. Azure Cloud Architect: These IT professionals contribute to Azure's cloud environment design, construction, and execution. Azure Cloud Architect earns 156,000 dollars per year or 80 dollars per hour in the United States.

  2. AWS Specialist: They are cloud experts who spend time creating secure internet protocols and updating AWS safety services and features. The salary of an AWS Specialist in India begins at Rs 6,07,000 annually.

  3. Service Cloud Architect: The service cloud architect provides a well-informed Cloud strategy, evaluates cloud applications on an ongoing basis, develops and organizes cloud systems, and provides professional and rapid response to technical challenges. Service cloud architect's pay is around $118,266 in the United States.

  4. Security Architect: They are responsible for reviewing and recommending current safety measures and improvements, regular system checks, and network security monitoring. In India, the salary of a security architect is around €2,180,428 per year.

  5. AWS Cloud Solutions Architect: They shall deploy the technology for securing AWS.

  6. Senior IT Architect: They advise the subcontractor regarding the interpretation of the designs, shall review the architectural designs with the codes of government, legislation, and regulations. The salary of a Senior IT Architect in India is approximately INR 2,759K a year.

  7. Solutions Architect: They analyze the environment of technology, company specifications, documentation needs, creates the prototype solution, controls the development of solutions. The remuneration in India for Solutions Architect is around INR 1,900,000 per year.

Additional skills

  • Understanding of OS: Candidates need to know operating systems like Linux, Unix, Solaris, Ubuntu, and Windows. You should know the ideas, advantages, and disadvantages of the different operating systems.

  • Knowledge of networking: Knowledge of TCP/IP, IP, HTTP, and DNS is an additional advantage. Before pursuing a cloud architect's position, the candidate must be familiarized with the principles.

  • Security: It is necessary to control the vital safety concepts by a Cloud Architect effectively. Security is seen as one of the cloud's most essential characteristics. Basic firewall knowledge and other safety components are needed.

  • Strong Enterprise Computing technology skills: Building blocks for IT, such as client systems and applications, networking, infrastructure, data centers, programming languages, web tools, and technology, should be understood by cloud architects.

Cloud Architect certification

Cloud awareness has become a vital element throughout the years in the IT business, and because of this, a cloud-certified professional will provide a breakthrough for your career. Several certifications confirm your businesses' cloud capabilities, talents, and competence. 

Cloud Architect salary & job outlook

Payscale states that the average annual compensation of cloud architects is roughly $124,923. But the average income for cloud architects is approximately $149,000 a year, according to ZipRecruiter. It states that more firms choose cloud computing because more jobs are likely to be created in Cloud Architects, leading to an increase in the average salary for cloud architects. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) statistics suggest that a nine percent increase is expected between 2014 and 2024.


In this time of the technological revolution, Cloud Computing is one of the most popular professional opportunities. According to LinkedIn, cloud computing is the second most demanding competency of 2021. Many firms employ professionals who are skilled in this field.

Cloud architects can collaborate with technology, manufacturing, design companies, and many other cloud-based enterprises. You report directly to the executive, such as the director and the chief technical officer. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for cloud architects is exponentially expanding. It is predicted to open over twelve thousand posts every year until 2024.

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