Become a building surveyor with the right training


A building surveyor's job is providing construction advice and identifying feasible options to improve the structure. They are also involved in testing the architectural work. 

You can also work on old building where you will be part of a team that maintains old or heritage architecture. Your job will then involve restoration and up-keep of that structure. If you are looking to enter this profession, then your first step will be to undergo proper training and also understand the profession.

You can also be recruited to assess the flaws in a building's architectural plan and make recommendations for improvement. It's possible that you'll need to make a structure more energy efficient or examine the environmental impact of new construction. Here are a few things you can keep in mind if you want to enter this profession.

The importance of this profession

You must advise clients on the proper design and construction of the building as a building surveyor. You'll also be responsible for the establishment's upkeep and repairs. After you've completed your survey of the building or construction site as well as the blueprints, you'll need to create a detailed report detailing your findings as well as any comments you have. 

As a building surveyor you may also have to submit a testimony in court if you find a violation of building rules and regulations. This is why it is important that you know all the rules and regulations for construction and real estate in your area. However, your main job is to oversee that the building gets completed on time. Other responsibilities involve advising the clients on budget amount. You may also have to direct the contractors, purchase supply materials and follow any other project requirements. 

As you can see it is a very important role when it comes to the construction of the building or maintenance of an old building. You will require excellent communication skills along with a sharp and logical mind. You should also be able to understand various legal documents that come as part of the job. The success or failure of the building depends on you. Hence you need have proper training to carry out this profession.

From tiny detailed surveys to large rural construction survey, including strata subdivisions and community title subdivisions, jlsurveys staff has experience in all forms of survey work.

Training and requirements to become a professional building surveyor

As mentioned the role of a building surveyor is very important and requires a lot of responsibility. This is why in order to be considered for this role, you must have the necessary training and experience. While obtaining a degree will provide you with academic knowledge, you will still require a significant amount of actual hands-on experience to become competent. Even after reaching this position you will still have to keep learning about new techniques and designs to stay updated. Building codes and laws change constantly, so you must stay up to date on them as well. The main components of the training can be divided as:

  • Surveying
  • Construction
  • Civil engineering
  • Building engineering

You will require an undergraduate degree and postgraduate qualification in surveying to become a building surveyor. You can earn your qualification by going through a graduate training program with a construction company or even enroll in a distance learning course with a university while getting hands on experience through field work. There are different construction related qualifications taught at different colleges across Australia where you can learn more about the profession.  


 While the job may sound repetitive it requires a lot of in depth knowledge of architecture and construction. The job of building surveyor is also exciting as you will be actively involved in the construction of new buildings.

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