7 Solutions How to Avoid Joints Popping and Cracking

 No worries if you hear the sound of bone cracking and popping without inflammation and pain. People who stay active are less likely to experience bone-cracking than inactive people. When you move, it distributes the lubrication fluid in your joints. Such distribution overcomes the chances of cracking and leads to healthy joints.


People who take care of themselves and stretch regularly develop healthy bones. When you notice inflammation and swelling with pain, you need to visit a bone specialist.


My uncle heard a low-pitched pop but along with inflammation and pain. He got medical help immediately because he heard in an interview with one of the best bone specialist Doctors in Lahore that joint pain and inflammation should not be neglected.


7 Ways to Prevent Joint Cracking and Popping


        Cycling, Walking, and Swimming


You should not wait for cracking or popping of your joints but avoid physical inactivity. People need to focus on how they can add some extra activities that can keep them busy. My fitness experts always suggest riding a bike, walk and swim as these exercises are best to improve muscle health.


        No More Long Sittings


People who sit for hours without taking a break are at high risk of developing joint issues. When you take a break after 30 minutes of sitting, stand up and practice neck stretches and should as well. It will not let the joints lock up and creak.


        Practice Stretches Like T, W, and Y for Loosen Shoulders


Your healthy bones can say goodbye if you do not take care of them. You need to practice some exercises or stretches. Stand up straight and keep distance feet hip-width. Now, the step is to raise your arms in the air above your head that will make you look like Y. Keep following this body posture for 30 seconds at least and bring your arms back to your sides.


T stretch is also an easy stretch that you can easily practice at home. You need to raise your arms to your sides to make your body look like T. This stretch also should be kept for 30 seconds. W stretch needs you to bring your arm back and bend your elbows. Make sure that your palms are facing towards your head that will make you resemble the W letter.


        Improve Spinal Health by Stretching your Neck


When you use the computer for hours, it does not let you see right or left. Such body posture can really give you a tough time. you should try facing forward and tilting your head to life until your ear is closer to your shoulder. The same practice you need to follow to your right side.


        Practice for Hip Popping Prevention


Sitting for computer work can be painful, especially your hips. Lying on your back with feet flat on the floor and bent knees. The next step is to raise your left foot and rest it on your right knee. It will let your left sole face to your right.


The more you need to do is a clap behind your right thigh and raise your leg. You can feel a stretch in your hip and buttock.


        Avoid Sleeping on Your Stomach


Your body position should be changed while sleeping if you hear creaking joints in the morning. Studies reveal that sleeping on the stomach can flatten your spinal alignment and give you severe pain in the morning or during sleep. You should also use some cushions or pillows for your legs.




Yoga has been proved to improve joint health and body flexibility. It also brings many health benefits and lets you live a healthy life. You also learn to balance your body and do not let you fall.


Final Thoughts


When you wake up, move as much as you can. It will make you feel good and prevent joints problems. Researchers believe that motion can improve your lubrication fluid distribution that leads to healthy joints.  If you have severe joint pain, CDC will help you learn about what to do with severe joint pain.

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