WoW TBC Gold Farming Guide


Gold is always a resource that’s relevant to World of Warcraft, and that includes the entirety of TBC.

Players will always try their darndest to find the best ways to farm in-game currency. The same can be said for the situation of World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic. With the official launch of TBC looming ahead, many players are wondering what methods should they use to get WoW TBC gold

Players were constantly alluding to Blizzard to change their ways on how they should be getting gold. WoW TBC Classic itemswere expensive and it was hard for gamers to a lot of WoW TBC Classic gold. Gold farming is a crucial part of World of Warcraft and MMORPG players in general. Whether it’s for PvE or PvP purposes, it’s always handy to have a bit of gold stashed away for a rainy day.

The in-game currency is one of the main reasons why there are players in the game in the first place. In certain circumstances, the amount of gold a player has is tantamount to their usefulness if they were to team up with other players to form a party. So just what are the gold farming secrets that are beginning to unravel for The Burning Crusade Classic?


Farming Specific Materials 

There are plenty of materials in World of Warcraft Classic already, but Blizzard has upped their game for TBC. With many players starting from scratch since they’re eager to try the two new races (Draenei and Blood Elf), it’s easy to start scrambling about trying to max out their character’s level and professions just in time for the official launch of The Burning Crusade Classic.

 This generates lots of demand for materials since they are essential for upgrading professions. Depending on which WoW TBC Classic itemsa player prioritizes, they’ll be able to make tons of WoW TBC goldin no time. Below are the materials that gamers should at least take note of if they’re going to farm mats for WoW TBC Classic gold:


  1. Illusion Dust 

The Illusion Dust is a material that’s essential for players who are looking to master the Enchanting professions, resulting in it being a good investment for many gamers who want to take advantage of the pre-patch situation in TBC. Illusion Dust is a material that can be used to level up Enchanting past 300 via the Enchant Bracer Superior Stamina recipe.

 Even after the release of The Burning Crusade Classic, the community is confident that Illusion Dust will still be used quite heavily. Despite the current prices being low since TBC is still in the pre-patch stage, it will undoubtedly rise in value once the players focus on other new content. Perhaps the only downside to farming Illusion Dust is that there needs to be a bit of patience involved since what players will essentially be doing is flipping the material to turn in a profit.


  1. Thorium Bars/Ores 

The players in The Burning Crusade Classic will no doubt be diving into the Blacksmithing professions. It is, after all, one of the most popular professions not just in TBC, but in all of World of Warcraft. There are many materials needed to level up in the art of Blacksmithing, and Thorium Bars/Ores just so happen to be one of the more valuable ones.

 The current pricing of Thorium Bars is already quite high and will no doubt increase even more in the future. Thorium Ores, on the other hand, are a tad cheaper but a viable option. The reason why Thorium Bars are so sought after and expensive is because they’re used to Enchanted Thorium Blades, a weapon that is a key item that players must craft if they want to raise their Blacksmithing skill past the 300 marks threshold.


Paying A Visit to the Auction House 

Whether they like it or not, the players of TBC will have to visit the Auction House at some point. So long as a player manages to spend and make their money circulate effectively in the Auction House, they can easily become filthy rich. The Auction House has been a part of WoW franchise since the beginning and to simply not utilize it even for a bit would be a waste.

Similar to the Stock Market, the Auction House can get pretty tedious for some players. As such, it’s important to know beforehand that going to the Auction House frequently is only applicable for players who have a deep interest and curiosity in turning gold-making into one of the main cores of their World of Warcraft experience should be.


Final Thoughts 

There will always be folks who will be looking for the latest trends on how to get as many WoW TBC goldand WoW TBC Classic items. Like in real life, these trends soon fade and new ones come. What might be the best way to farm WoW TBC Classic goldyesterday might become an old hat the next day. 

Thankfully, there are many players in the community that is always experimenting with gold farming methods. What do you think about the ways of farming gold in the TBC expansion? Let us know your perspective on this down below.

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