Office Makeover 101: How To Create A Productive Workspace

Being productive at work isn’t something that comes easily to most people. Like many workers, you may need to exert effort to make it happen. Apart from observing a certain work ethic and motivating yourself, you may also consider enhancing your workspace in a way that will boost your productivity and efficiency at work.

If you think your productivity has been significantly decreasing, it might be time to consider getting an office makeover. Giving your workspace the enhancement it deserves could promote a more positive and conducive work environment that impacts your professional performance.

Pick An Office Theme You Like

Workspaces also deserve a theme or unified concept that’ll keep you motivated while you perform your tasks and responsibilities. Sometimes, you can simply draw inspiration from the type of industry you’re in so you can come up with a themed décor for your office. For example, a travel-themed interior may work if you’re in the airline or tour business. Nautical themes are also popular for people who are in the seafaring industry. 

One of the most popular themes nowadays is the minimalist style that’s ideal for employees who prioritize focus and productivity. To incorporate a minimal office design, all you need are enough storage space, a comfortable chair, and a desk surface for your computer, and other essential accessories for work. The key to achieving minimalism in the workspace is to eliminate clutter and to make the office look as simple yet efficient as possible. 

You can start embracing a minimalist office theme and lifestyle by organizing your furniture. Get rid of things that you no longer need and are only crowding your space unnecessarily. You may opt to contact an office furniture disposal service to take care of the stuff you plan to dispose of. A waste company like this can help in making sure that the furniture and other stuff you’re taking out of the office would be taken care of as needed.

Go For Ergonomic Furniture

As an employee, you spend most of your time slumped on your desk. It’s no surprise that you sometimes feel tired and somewhat uncomfortable, especially if you're using furniture that’s already old and worn out. You can easily get distracted when your drawers keep on getting jammed throughout the day or when your rickety chair is increasingly making your back and neck hurt.

Since you’re redecorating, you might as well replace your chair and desk with ergonomic ones. Look for an office chair that offers ergonomic back support, armrests, and back angles that can be adjusted when you want to. Adjustable or sit-stand desks, on the other hand, offer flexibility so you can switch from sitting to standing any time of the day. These desks and chairs can help reduce musculoskeletal strain, thus allowing you to focus on your work effectively.

The Right Lighting Goes A Long Way

If you already have the right kind of furniture and you still find it hard to remain productive at work, maybe it’s time to check if you have the right lighting in your office. The amount and type of lighting that you incorporate into your office can affect your productivity and motivation.

If your work area is usually dark, it may cause irritability, headaches, fatigue, and even eye strain. At some point, you may even feel down or depressed if your office isn’t getting enough lighting. To avoid this, you can use lamps and light bulbs with cooler and whiter lights to improve concentration. If the office has windows, find a way to let natural light in.

Bring In Some Plants

A growing trend nowadays is to bring in live plants in the workplace. Assorted houseplants make the workspace look lively and fresh. They’re also an affordable way to add a personal touch to your office. There are even several plants that can purify the air and make the space smell better. For your desk, you can add small plants such as aglaonema, ZZ plants, peace lily, and philodendron. 

For small corners, you can put snake plants that are known to filter and remove pollutants and harmful toxins such as xylene and formaldehyde. Other office plants to consider are English ivy, aloe, oxalis, lucky bamboo, and African violets. 

Final Words

There are several ways that you can try if you want to give your office a makeover. Redecorating and buying new furniture can help boost productivity at work, which you can surely benefit from as an employee or business owner. 

You can pick a particular theme that you like, improve lighting, add houseplants, and replace your old office chair and desk so you can be more comfortable and focused when doing your tasks. You can use the tips above as your starting point to make your redecoration easier and more effective.

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