How Do You Know If Your Nike Is the Real Deal?

How Do You Know If Your Nike Is the Real Deal?

Nike is one of the foremost global leaders in athletic and casual footwear. It is a famous brand among professional athletes and individuals who appreciate high-quality, comfortable footwear. Nike running shoes are pretty popular amongst athletes and individuals who prefer running or walking.  Nike is regarded as one of the biggest trendsetters and has been pleasing people for years with its marvellous designs. In recent years, sports shoes and sneakers have been associated with sport and as a fashion accessory. Both men and women have unique choices, and to fulfil their expectations, reputed brands like Nike never fail to impress their customers with their excellent shoe designs. 

Do you want to discover features that are worth looking for when purchasing a new pair of Nike footwear? Examine the distinguishing aspects of authentic shoes. Remember that only authentic shoes are built of high-quality materials that have a lengthy lifespan. Here are some factors that you must consider when buying a new pair of branded shoes.

Serial Number

You must inspect the inside of your shoes to see whether they are authentic. Compare the label tags on both shoes: if they differ on the right and left shoe, you have the original Nike. If both shoes have the same serial number on the inside, the one in front of you is a complete forgery. You should also look at the box’s number. The serial number on the inner label tag and the serial number on the box should be the same.

The Logo

Another item to keep in mind is the logo. When comparing a fake and an authentic pair of sneakers, you will notice that fakes always have logos-stickers, whereas branded logos are carved in the tongue. The brand on counterfeit shoes will fade faster than the logo on a genuine pair of shoes.

The Stitch

The quality of the stitch finish can also help you determine whether the chosen pair of shoes is fake or authentic. Branded items feature high-quality and even stitches; however, most counterfeits, even the most inexpensive sneakers, have imperfect quality stitches with unfinished seams. Fakes are also known to have a frayed end of the thread.

The original Nike shoes’ seams are strong, smooth, and clean, with no signs of glue. As a result, if a new pair of shoes has a thread sticking out or a line that has gone sideways, it is almost certainly a forgery. If you notice that the stitches are not perfect, you don’t have an authentic Nike shoe.


You get all kinds of shoes in both online and offline stores. Some shoes fall under the ‘limited edition category’, others result from forgery, and some belong to a particular series launched by the brand. If you come across a fake Nike shoe, you will notice slight changes in the shoe’s colour, print, and brand logo. The colour of authentic Nike shoes will not fade instantly. It will take many years to degrade. However, the colour of an identical shoe will vanish within a few days of your purchase. 


Original sneakers, in most cases, feature an additional pair of well-packed laces. If you have a couple of sneakers and there are no new laces inside the box, you most likely have a fake. However, several counterfeiters have begun to include a fresh pair of laces. As a result, this cannot be an essential criterion for distinguishing between genuine and forgery.

Furthermore, remember to always thoroughly check and research Nike running shoes before falling prey to fake advertisements and discounts. Keep in mind the factors mentioned above, and you will never face trouble buying an authentic pair of branded shoes.

Author:- Evelyn

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