Here’s How to Move With Pets

 Moving messes up pets' routines. As such, they can become irritated or anxious. As a pet owner, here are some tips to relocate seamlessly with your pet. 

  • Prepare early

Moving with pets needs enough preparation if you are looking for a stress-free experience. The preparation involves determining the ideal type of housing. The house you move into should match the pet's size and energy levels. Smaller pets can stay in houses with smaller living spaces. This is different from larger animals that need more space like gardens and running areas.

Check out the neighborhood you are moving into early enough. Ensure the place is pet-friendly. Stay away from places with nearby busy or dangerous roads. A safe and quiet neighborhood is all your pet needs. Having a nearby animal hospital or veterinarian is an added advantage.

  • Contact Your Vet 

Reach out to your vet for the best tips on pet stress management. Visit the vet a few weeks before you move for information on the pet’s health and suitability to move. 

The vet will also double-check the pet for vaccinations and provide certification if necessary. This is also the time to find the medical records. 

  • Keep the Pet Away from the Action 

Moving time involves noise and other distractions that can be stressful to pets. Keep the animal peaceful by keeping it away from intense action. Consider clearing a room early enough where they can stay the whole time. You can also leave them with a friend or in the kennel. 

The seclusion should happen throughout the moving period. Only take them to the vehicle when everything is set, and let them out once you are settled. 

Remember to keep checking on the pet from time to time. As much as you want them peaceful, being away from familiar environments can create anxiety in them.

  • Work With A Professional Mover 

Working with a professional moving company is the most assured way to safely move your pet. Most professional movers have the tools to handle the various pets. They can provide kennels and handles to keep the pet safe during the initial packing stages. 

The moving company also comes with experienced personnel who understands how to handle pets. They have dealt with various pets before which makes it easier to handle yours. Still, professionals are less susceptible to breakages and noise hence a peaceful move for the Pet. 

  • Care for the Pet Post-Moving 

Moving the pets does not end immediately you arrive in your new residence. While you might feel exhausted after the move and want some time to relax, this is not the time to neglect the pet.

Spend time with the pet during the first few weeks for them to avoid anxiety. Use these first few weeks to check for hazards around the home. Watch out for potential choking and tripping materials around the home.

Explore the neighborhood to de-stress your pet as you become more comfortable. Consider creating a schedule during these early days.

Bottom Line

Your pet deserves all the peace when moving. Work with a professional moving company and prepare early for the best experience.

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