Have you been Picking the Right Size for your Counter Display Boxes?

The customer stands there, strumming on your countertop while you enter their purchase in the till machine. What is the one thing the wandering eyes of the customer notice first? Of course, it is what is placed on the counter. Hence, what is displayed upon it matters most! If you thought otherwise, then it's time to think about it again, my friend. Cardboard counter boxes contribute to the promotion of different products and help sell these products off the counter. Let’s explore further how important these counter display boxes can get.

Why are Counter Display Boxes Important?

As we said earlier, these boxes set on the countertop are great marketing tools. While your consumer waits to get their money back, people often engage in studying the contents of these display boxes and many a time buy a thing or two. Often, stores showcase bright candies and tantalizing chocolates to catch the eye of children or teenagers who would end up giving in to temptation and buying those.  Furthermore, these boxes protect products against getting dusty, losing lustre or getting damaged.

Why size matter?

We have already established why counter-display boxes are essential. Another crucial thing is the size of these countertop boxes. They do come in all sizes ranging from small to large. However, it depends on the counter and product what size will suit your counter. Imagine having such a large box put on your counter that takes all the space, and you cannot do anything else. Or maybe it is so tall that communicating with your consumer becomes a task just because you have to keep jumping up to look on the other side of the counter. These counter-display boxes need to be the right size. The cardboard style, design and colour must complement the product in it as well as your counter. If you have some confusion about the right size, let us give you some examples.

Choose the right size for your counter-display boxes

Let’s keep in mind a few things while we shop for the best counter-display boxes that fit our counter perfectly. Take a notebook and write these pointers or copy them in your notepad for easy remembrance:

  • *   Do some advanced research and see what product you are buying the cardboard box for.
  • *   Take measurements of your countertop and mentally count the items that are going to be on the counter.
  • *   Check how much space you can give to each box without overloading your counter, making things look messy.
  • *   Grab a piece of paper and draw a rough design of the display box, where you want your items to be displayed. This gives you an idea about the best-fitted size.

  • *   Figure out the best suitable design for your cardboard box and check which size would be the most appropriate.

Consult a professional

The best way to get the best size boxes for your countertop is by consulting a professional. Today, outsourcing has become very easy. Suppose you lack the proper technical knowledge or time to indulge in making your boxes. In that case, what is convenient is to consult professional because they help you and facilitate you in the best possible manner. What is to be done is to contact them, and they will come to your shop, take all the measurements, talk with you to get an idea of what is required, discuss designs, show you prototypes and deliver the finished products. Isn't it just convenient? Having your corrugated boxes made by professionals is much better than you going out and struggling. Remember, time is money, and rather than spending time making imperfect boxes, you can be doing other productive things leaving this job to the experts.

Customization of countertop boxes

Customization of countertop boxes is another facility you can avail of now.  Getting custom made boxes to showcase your product in the best possible manner is no more a dream. From material to size, you can choose it all. Customized boxes are much more popular these days. Companies tend to save their time by not indulging in making their boxes. Instead, getting ready-made boxes that are customized according to their needs is preferred. Then what are you waiting for? Stop struggling with a messy counter or wrong display boxes. Don't be disappointed that your products aren't getting sold. Just relax and invest a little money in getting your boxes made. They are not that expensive but will benefit you immensely. You can also get some samples and make changes to them before receiving your entire shipment.

These counter-display boxes can help you attract more customers and sell more of the products advertised on your countertop. Furthermore, they also help with increasing brand recognition. To increase the rate of your brand recall, choose the boxes with unique designs and the right size. Right-sized cardboard display boxes or plastic display boxes can save you from a lot of embarrassment, while elegantly designed boxes can also help with decorating your countertop rather prettily. Your counter-display boxes need to be the perfect fit for your product and your counter, and this is easily achieved if your money and time are invested in the right place.  

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