Are Mobile Slots as Advanced as Online Slots?

Many people mistakenly confuse these two terms. They’re not interchangeable and although similar, they are different.

They both offer entertainment and fun to gamblers looking for some relaxation, and they both offer unrivalled convenience when compared to how slot machines used to be at traditional casinos. You can now play mobile slots and online slots at Indian site, at any time.

However, it’s important to know the difference between the two. 

What are mobile slots? 

Before we can compare the two against each other, it’s important to differentiate them in order to understand the differences. Logically, it isn’t too hard to guess what mobile slots are. They are simply online slot games that have been designed for use on your mobile phone.

Online gamblers nowadays love the convenience of having one single device with which they can work, play, pay, or shop. Online gambling is no different. Throw into the mix the pay-by-mobile option and you’ve suddenly got a streamlined process where you can deposit cash into your e-wallet, then play slots games, then withdraw funds – all in the space of one day on one device. 

What are online slots? 

Online slots are all your favourite slots games, but found under the umbrella term of being “online”, or digital. This is simply opposed to being found in a traditional casino of bricks and mortar.

You may lie playing online slots games on your laptop, your tablet, or your desktop PC. Whatever you use to play online slots games, since the mid-1990s when they transitioned online, few could have predicted the boom. 

A history of mobile slots  

Mobile slots are essentially one step further down the evolutionary chain from online slots. Due to the development of modern smartphones in the 21st century, many things in our everyday lives for which we used to need a separate device have been rendered obsolete by our phones.

What do you pick up when you need to pay the gas bill? How do you check the weather forecast? What do you reach for when you want to know the time? What do you consult when you want to know how many steps you’ve got in today? The answer to all of these things is the mobile phone.

Crucially, it wasn’t always the case. We would have used separate devices for each only one decade ago. Few pieces of technology in history have developed quite as quickly as the mobile phone.

Older mobile phones ten years ago simply didn’t have the processing power or screen quality to host a modern online slot game. Nowadays, they can do anything from serve as computers to host slots games, to fly drones across the sky. 

Are there any differences between mobile slots and online slots?  

The most obvious difference between mobile slots and online slots is that one is available to play on your mobile device, whilst the other has to be played on a computer or laptop.

As a result of this, mobile slot displays tend to be smaller. However, the graphics are so compact, the UX (user experience) isn’t compromised.

There’s absolutely no difference in gameplay and your chances won’t be increased by playing on one or the other. RTP rates are the same for both and the RNG will work in complete randomness as it always has done.

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