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Kissanime is an anime-themed file-sharing website that hosted videos and links, allowing viewers to either stream or download anime and video clips for free. It was initially an offshoot of a similar anime viewing site, KissManga. Kissanime has been described as the "world's first online anime downloading community". In spite of this claim, the membership population is not particularly large - although it is increasing daily.

Despite its size, Kissanime has a lot to offer to its anime fans. For starters, it offers several genres of anime downloads. This can be considered a good thing, as not everyone will be interested in the same anime genres as you. The database covers anime for every popular genre from mystery to action to thriller and more. For example, you can choose to download Pokemon videos or animation movies or concerts from popular anime singers such as Hatsune Miku.

Unlike torrent websites

kissanime offers a better user experience. This means there is no need to use a mirror program to transfer files, as all downloaded files are direct links to the websites themselves. In other words, no virus or spyware has entered your computer to track down and infect your computer.

There is also a wide variety of anime shows to choose from. Categories include: animation, sports, kids, action, movies, cartoons, and television shows. This is a good feature in itself, as not everyone will be interested in the same anime shows. As mentioned above, categories are chosen based on interests, making it easier for people browsing the site to find what they want. Also, some anime programs have been discontinued so not all of these shows will be available on the site.

Another positive feature of kissanime is the option for online streaming. Most streaming sites only allow one genre of anime per channel. If you are watching anime at work, you may not have access to anime shows with less popular genres. By using this feature, you can still enjoy thousands of different anime shows without any loss of quality.

Japanese website

If you have never visited a Japanese website before, you may wonder why it would offer streaming services. The answer lies in the company's history. Started in 1998, the company is run by two Japanese men. Koichi Yamada works as a game developer while Masahiro Watari is a qualified IT specialist. These two combined with their passion for anime and their knowledge of computer technology have formed a company that combines convenience and perfection.

One of the features that you may be most impressed with, is the advanced searching feature. Unlike many of its competitors, kissanime actually allows its users to search for anime based on a variety of criteria. Popular keywords can be input so that anime fans can find their favorite shows quickly. Not only is this useful for streamers and viewers, but it is also very convenient for the website's owners since it eliminates the need for ad blockers.

As you can see, kissanime has the benefits of a good website for watching anime with the added benefits of a powerful streaming service as well. By combining the two, the website can stream nearly any popular anime series at any time, bringing hundreds of shows to your PC. 

If you have always wanted to try out anime, now is your chance to do it on the internet. By using this site's advanced search functions, you can narrow down your selection and stream only the shows that you want to watch. When it comes to searching for one of the most popular anime series in Japan today, kissanime is definitely one of the best alternatives.

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