A Guide to a Short Stay Bangkok Holiday

Many people decide to stop off in Bangkok for a few days when flying long haul from Australia to Europe and while you could say that one week is never enough time to explore this unique metropolis. The City of Angels is like no other and a strange blend of old and new gives Bangkok a special ambience that is very addictive. On first glance, Bangkok can seem like utter chaos and when you first feel that furnace-like heat hits you as you leave the airport; then comes the cab ride to your hotel; your first experience of Bangkok traffic.

Here are a few tips to ensure that you enjoy your stay in this amazing city.

  • Use Mass Transportation – Bangkok traffic is among the worst in the world and now there is a great network called Skytrain, which covers most of the city. It is cheap, clean and very quick and you can download a Skytrain map on the Internet and that will help you plan your experience in Bangkok.
  • Book your Hotel Accommodation Online – It might sound strange, but if you book a hotel room online, you get a cheaper rate than if you were to walk into the reception. Check out the great deals at Solitaire in Bangkok, which is right on the Sukhumvit Road and perfectly located near a BTS station.
  • Jatuchak Weekend Market – Don't buy your souvenirs from retail stores, rather you should visit Jatuchak weekend market, where they sell everything, and at Thai prices I might add. It is such a big market, you could never cover it in a single day and you are advised to find an online map that will help you not to get lost.
  • Explore the Canals – Not many tourists know about the river boats that run in a complex network of canals that run through the entire city. It is quite an experience to ride on these vessels and as you fly through the narrow canals, you get an incredible insight into how Thais live their daily lives. The boats stop at temples every few hundred metres and, of course, it costs next to nothing. Click here for further reading on booking a hotel, which is a recommended read for all travellers.
  • Enjoy the Street Food – Bangkok street food is like no other; pork, chicken, sticky rice and great noodle soup can all be found on every street. Then there is the amazing fruit that is always available from street vendors and for a few dollars, you can enjoy great food that is prepared by locals.
  • Do Some Online Research – You can actually plan your short holiday using the Internet; read all about the popular Bangkok attractions and prior to arriving in Thailand, do check the Covid-19 status, as things can change very quickly. Of course, there may be specific entry requirements for Thailand, which you should check prior to planning the trip.

Bangkok is not like any other city in the world and one thing is for sure, this will not be the last time that you visit this unique city.

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