5 Cool Photography Tricks You Should Know


You may consider taking photography as a career or even as something you like to do for fun. Whichever the case, you will need a few skills to get that perfect photo you have always wished to take. Photography isn't complicated or impossible. With a few guidelines, you can use your manual settings to achieve the vision in your head. Below is a guide for you to follow to shoot those professional photos you have been fantasizing about.

Learn How toUse Your Camera Properly

Photography is only made possible by a good functional camera and a good photographer, plus a good manual setting. To learn photography, you should know how to use your camera properly. The basic camera settings are commonly known as the exposure triangle. It includes the ISO, the aperture, and the shutter sound. They are all used to determine how much light hits the camera's lens to expose a shot properly.

 Learn To Take Sunset Silhouette

Sunset Silhouette photo is taken by putting the subject in shadow. Silhouette photos are unique because you focus on the subject while you expose the backlight. It works best if the shape of your subject is well-defined and interesting lines. When taking a silhouette photo of people, you need to make sure their posture exposes their figure by separating the limbs from the body. Make it as simple as possible by incorporating as few elements as possible to avoid capturing bad-looking photos.

 The Rule Of Thirds Photography

The rule of thirds in photography involves creating an image that is well balanced, interesting, and visually appealing and learning to place your subjects into consideration. It is mainly used for portrait photos. It focuses on placing the subject at the line of intersection, which gives the image a more balanced and harmonious look,unlike when it's placed right at the center.

Lens Blur Background

Getting a lens blur background is controlled by your aperture and your lens focal length. You need to be in the manual setting mode to be able to control your aperture. To focus on your subject and add depth to your photo, you need to use a blur background. You need expensive lenses with fixed aperture to create that perfectly blurred background professional photo. Also, consider the distance between your subject and the ground to achieve a blurred background. Ensure at least 5 meters of space behind them. Also, a long focal length compresses the background, which in return adds to the blurry effect.

Photoshop Edit For Portraits

With photoshop edit for portraits, a photoshop tool is mainly used to edit and present the photo more naturally and appealingly. Its use can vary from adding contrast, boosting portrait saturation, noise reduction, light focusing, and crowning the unwanted part.

Final Remarks

With the above knowledge, you are all set to begin your photography experience. You can capture several striking photos that will create lasting memories. Apply passion in every photo you take to get excellent results.

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