Why Nylon Is One Of The Best Materials For Pop Up Tent

You have always wanted to get your hands on the best tents. But, unless you are sure of the materials to choose for the tents, you cannot get hands on the best product. When thinking about the fabric, the one option that keeps popping up in the market most is the nylon one. The irony of nylon is that it is used for the smallest and cheapest tents, and also for the expedition and expensive tents. 

Nylon is noted to be a light in weight material and the fibers will not absorb water. It means that the tents will not become heavier or won’t shrink due to heavy downpour. Nylon is noted to be quite vulnerable to the UV rays. So, it may not always be a good outdoorsy option. But, overall, getting nylon for the pop up tent has its share of benefits to follow.

The strength it holds:

Nylon is noted to have much bigger strength to weight ratio when compared to other materials like polyester. So, that is the main reason on why most hikers would love to get this tent for their long distance uses.

  • Most of the strength of nylon comes from the inherent stretchiness. So, it can work out as a blessing and also as a curse.

  • As nylon stretches well, it can distribute stress over larger area than any of the less stretchy fabric might could.

  • For example, if a person point were attached in center of fabric panel on tent’s fly on 1” x 1’ reinforcement, the surrounding fabric will also stretch and the stress of guy line being pulled might be distributed over larger area than just 1” x 1” reinforcement.

  • In case the fabric fails to stretch, the force will be concentrated at reinforcement. It might lead to the higher fabric stress and higher tearing likelihood.

  • Another major benefit of the fabric stretches while designing the tent is that nylon is always likely to work better for the 3D panels.

Also noted to be abrasion resistance:

Nylon is targeted to be the most abrasion resistant material for the tent. It is more of a consideration in apparel design, but in some parts of your pop up tent, this material is perfect. Some tent parts are directly exposed to abrasion like clips, pole ends and flooring area. Therefore, if these pieces are made using nylon, then you can get to use this tent for a longer span of time without fail.

Be aware of the UV rays:

Just like all the positive points of nylon pop up tents, there is one negative point you need to address and that is the power of UV rays. Nylon is susceptible to degradation, when it comes to UV rays. Just be sure to know more about this point well and try to use this kind of tent at night or indoor. For night time purposes, nothing can beat the importance of nylon tents. 

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