Which shoe with a jumpsuit for a successful fall look?



What to wear when summer is not quite gone and winter is far from here? How about a stunning trendy jumpsuit? So swap your summer dress for a trendy jumpsuit and sublimate your elegant look in two steps and three movements! Whether in powder pink satin or  floral print , adorned with a plunging neckline or a glamorous bustier, this strong piece marks a spectacular return on the catwalks to transform the feminine silhouette. However, there is one question that always arises: what shoe with a jumpsuit to wear?

It's no secret that primadonsanddonnas editorial staff love fall. Between the fall decoration in decorative pumpkins and the fall 2021 nail art ideas , which we have provided you, we put the focus on your wardrobe! In general, fall is the ideal time to enjoy a trendy jumpsuit. However, when it comes to the shoe-related issue, it's a bit more complicated. So, how to wear it according to the morphology or the given occasion? We will explain everything to you! To give you a hand with your look of the day, Deavita.fr comes to your rescue by giving you a range of hot ideas seen on the catwalks and in the street!

A summer trend that lends itself to any fantasy, the wide jumpsuit is a very good alternative to the crop top and wide pants . Flared or with an open back, in transparent tulle or linen, the summer jumpsuit is ideal for easily standing out while playing the card of originality. Basically, a real highlight that will make a splash with your friends! Worn with a nice pair of fur high heel boots for an ultra feminine look, or with wedge sandals for a more casual style, we fall in love with the jumpsuit that is both classy and comfortable. Discover all our favorites in 30+ new looks!

The jumpsuit in some interesting facts

 Have you ever taken the plunge by buying yourself a pretty jumpsuit, but you are not sure how to show it off? Before revealing all the hot looks that we have carefully drawn for you, here are some interesting facts about this strong piece which generally scares the majority of women. So believe it or not, the jumpsuit was originally reserved only for workers in the 19th century. In addition, it was part of the official uniform of paratroopers and pilots during the Second World War. And it is precisely during this period when the jumpsuit is invited into the wardrobe of women!

Which shoe with a combination?

The top looks to copy to get you started on the right foot! As we have probably already convinced you, the jumpsuit is a piece that can be just as casual as it is glamorous. Worn with a good pair of sandals and a small shoulder bag, it is the perfect beach look for your vacation. To play the card of seduction, we obviously put on the heels. Basically, the shoes that you wear with your wetsuit are normally the shoes that most demonstrate your dress style. Needless to say, for ladies of small stature it is rather recommended to favor heel boots, while thin and elongated silhouettes can without problem dare the dish. And now, let's discover in pictures which shoe with a jumpsuit to wear according to the occasion, the mood and the morphology !

1.       A casual look to stand out on the streets this fall!

2.       With a fluid and flared jumpsuit

With fine materials such as silk, it is better to fall low to the ground and sandals with heels to streamline the silhouette. For those who like to go quickly (quickly dressed, quickly arrived), thin derbies with thick soles allow to harmonize the whole, with comfortable shoes.

With a straight combination

Everything is allowed (or almost!). The must-have remains the pointed or stiletto court shoe, which feminizes the combination and creates a very distinguished look with threads and motifs. With a blazer and a clutch, you're sure to have it all.

And which shoes to wear with the playsuit?

Sandals and slippers for women will elegantly accompany a playsuit . They are chosen with a tie that is finely tied at the ankle. The espadrille sandal with a wedge heel will stabilize the silhouette, giving it a good anchorage to the ground and a holiday feel. And for your summer evenings, the playsuit goes perfectly with jeweled sandals or kitten heels.

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