What are the Best Buns for Pulled Pork Sandwiches?

When you hear pulled pork sandwiches, your mind probably goes into nostalgia, or, better still, a fantasy. And we cannot blame you, as the South American dish is almost every non-vegetarians favorite.

Basically, the sandwich surrounds slow-cooked pork, which cooks long enough to pull the meat apart. You also have to use barbeque sauce to give it the tantalizing barbeque taste that gives the sandwich its status.

Now the challenge comes in when you have to choose the right buns for the sandwich. So, want to surprise your family with the perfect buns for pulled pork sandwiches next time you serve this delicacy?

How Do You Choose?

While it is true that there is a spectrum of bun options for sandwiches, not all buns are suitable for pulled pork. But why? Pulled pork is quite dense, so you will need buns that will hold up and not look soggy. 

Imagine having to get the pork you longed for for so long, only to get it from between a torn bun! Therefore, ensure that the bun is strong enough to hold the density without tearing.

Secondly, consider buns that are not too meaty and large to outdo the pork, which should remain the main ingredient. You don’t want your family or guests to end up full from the buns and not notice your hard-cooked meat, right?

Now, blending a sturdiness and small in a sandwich is quite difficult. But not when you have a lead, and the lead is what we have here. So, read on!

Classic Ingredients for Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Essentially, most classic buns designed for hamburgers are suitable for the pulled pork sandwiches. However, as we mentioned earlier, you have to be rather picky when pulled pork buns.

Hence, if you decide to go classic, get buns that are quite sturdy, but again consider the type of meat. If it is too spicy, you can consider the basic or less flavored bun types. Similarly, if the pork is thick, go for minimal thickness in the bun while ensuring that they don’t compromise sturdiness.

I prefer the English muffin, which is round and sturdy, for larger servings of pulled pork. The bun is also an excellent choice when the target group is full of adults, who will love the easy yet decent way it presents itself.

The kaiser is my number one choice for smaller servings, with its interior fluffiness making for a perfect holding solution. It is also great for kids, who appreciate a crispy feel in almost every other snack.

What Kind of Bread is Used for Pulled Pork Sandwiches?

If bread is your way, then, by all means, you will have it even with pulled pork sandwiches. Sadly, you cannot use the conventional single slice sandwich with the pork pieces, as it will tear before you get to taste it.

Nevertheless, you can always use several layers of bread slices to enjoy the delicious pulled pork sandwich.

Ensure that the bread slices are compact and sturdy to hold the pulled pork long enough to eat it all. After all, the beauty of the bread is how well it holds the meat without breaking!

On the other hand, the bread should remain soft for easy chewing for a cuter sandwich munching time. 

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