Use Technology to Market your Cleaning Business- 5 Ideas to Consider


Technology is advancing in a big way. We are now experiencing technological innovations that no one ever dreamt of. What’s more? No matter the type of products or services, you can now market your business with ease, thanks to technology. You can also use various tech devices, SEO, or social media to reach more clients. Are you seeking technological marketing ideas to promote your cleaning business? Here are practical ideas:

1. Viral marketing

Jokes appeal to many people, and most companies are taking advantage of this to market their businesses. Viral marketing is all about sending out messages to prospective clients and have them share them with friends. The technique uses word-of-mouth information about products or services and can spread to a wide range of clients.

 Nowadays, most people use tech devices like smartphones and the internet, and viral messages are mainly in shares, likes, memes, and forwards. Record a funny video with your contact details, and share it to promote your cleaning business. Include your contacts and make it entertaining. It will go viral and create a lot of awareness about your business.

2. Use games & quizzes on your website

I presume you have a business website. Well, apart from engaging content, you can use many other things to draw more clients. For instance, you can use games and quizzes to pass information about your business. Use ones that are related to cleaning; they will entice many people to log in to your site and check out your services.

3. Videos work best!

No one loves browsing through pages of texts! Videos work well for many and will pass information about your business in a short time. Create engaging videos about your services and post them on your site. Also, share them on your social media pages, and enjoy more traffic to your site. 

You can also record workshops and use them on your email campaigns or post them on YouTube. And the best bit? There are various packages to help you create quality videos for a small fee. If you want high-quality videos, you can still hire the services of a professional video production company.

4. Podcasts

Podcasts are contextual or downloadable audio files. How can I record a podcast? Record your information and copy it into your computer. Convert the file into an MP3 and upload it. Moreover, use the podcast on your website, emails, or give it to your clients as a gift.

5. Text messaging

Texts are an excellent way of reaching out to many potential clients. You can use such messages to inform clients of new services, offers, and other promotions in your business. 

6. On-site forms

On-site forms make potential clients want to contact you. Pop-ups are attention-grabbing and an excellent way to achieve this. They don’t appeal to many online users, and you can still tweak them a bit to generate leads. For example, add a “ talk to us” or “ contact us” box on your site and make this visible on all pages. This way, it will be easy for potential clients to reach out to you. 

Final thoughts

Technology keeps on evolving, and you should keep up with the trends. Adopt the mentioned strategies and target the right audience. Also, employ other marketing techniques and use the right tools to gauge what works best.

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