Use Cover to Protect Generators during Rainy and Snowy Conditions


A generator is heavy-duty equipment, which we might be using in various adverse weather conditions. Natural disasters may cause many problems regarding the power supplyusing a portable generator as a power backup becomes necessary. After a heavy rain or storm, usage of a generator becomes a necessity. In any such situation, you may also run into other problemsdue to moisture and damp conditions. 

The generator is electrical equipment with many components that may get damaged on being exposed to water or moisture. So, it is not safe to use generators in wet conditions as rain or snow. However, as we discussed above, most of the time, these conditions may be unavoidable as the use of a generator is mostly for providing power backup in such adverse situations.

Can a generator be fun during rain?

The short answer to this question is ‘yes. You can run the generators during rain as long as you can keep them protected with a good generator cover, canopy, or a shelter that will keep them dry. However, while installing a generator cover, you need to be very careful.

The manufacturers of generator models very clearly and strongly state that generators should not be used in rain or other damp conditions largely by considering the safety of these machines. Generators tend to produce a very high voltage, and when being used in wet conditions, this can cause electrocution and even explosion. Running in wet conditions may also cause permanent damage to the electrical components of the generator. If the moisture gets into generator outlets, it can also be disastrous. Considering all these facts, it is very important to protect your generator units from any exposure to moisture for safety reasons. It is also ideal to use a generator cover to keep the unit in ideal working condition and provide optimum output.

Options to consider to keep generator safely during wet conditions

You cannot avoid snow and rain, but you can still require a consistent power supply during these conditions. You may be relieved to know that there are many options to keep generators safely during wet weather conditions. The best and simplest way is to use custom-made generator covers, which can keep every inch of your portable gensets covered. While buying covers, make sure that it has provisions for fuel refilling, let off the exhaust, etc. Keeping the generator fully covered while it is working is not recommended.

You can also think of generator set canopies, protecting the unit from harmful elements while operating it safely. Genset canopies may protect from heavy rain and snowfall too. However, during heavy winds, these canopies may tend to fly off the generator unit. Comparing to full-tight protective covers, canopies can be left on the Genset unit while it is operating, as this will not interfere with the portability of your generator. In addition, it can ensure good airflow inside the cover and offer natural cooling to the gensets.

You can get plenty of varieties of generator covers and canopy tents on searching at the online and offline stores. Have an idea about the appropriate measurements of your generator unit to find the best matching cover or canopy. The extra investment you make on a generator cover is fully worth it. It will help extend the lifespan of your generator and help provide it optimum protection and productivity.

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