Top Reasons To Migrate To Magento 2


Magento 1 support breathed its last in June 2020, which now has led to two options- either upgrade or make a move. Upgrading means reworking your entire functional system by starting from scratch. Magento 2 development has led to smoother choice of migration, in this case, as a far better option. Here’s why-


1.       Enhanced Performance

Magento 2 has taken the e-commerce world by storm because of its versatility in services. Not just that, it boosts the page loading speed by up to 50%, which is miles higher than any Magento 1 upgrade.


2.       Optimization- Ready

For SEO services, Magento 2 has substantially reduced the time it takes to make the website optimization-ready by bringing forth foundational design elements that are easy to install on most systems.


3.       Mobile- friendly Design

Highly responsive and mobile-friendly, Magento 2 has made it possible for businesses to expand their reach to customers who are on-the-go. It is as efficient on mobile as it is kn the desktop.


4.       Improved Scalability

In Magento 1 even though scalability wasn’t attested as an issue, Magento 2 has stillimproved upon it. You can add inventory that is neatly categorised under labels, which makes it easier to manage. It also allows options to add more and more products as your business grows.


5.       Better Security

June 2020 has witnessed the last of security updates in Magento 1, which leaves it open and vulnerable to attacks. Magento 2 has more advanced data encryption features that promise high-lovel protection for your private information like credit card numbers and passwords.


6.       Varied Extensions

Magento 1 presented options when it comes to extensions and plugins. Don’t get me wrong, but Magento 2 has opened up the possibilities of adding yet unknown extensions by building a space for adding themes and other valuable add-ons. This verifiably justifies the superiority of Magento 2.


7.       Easy Database Structure

Magento 2 has categorised it’s base structure into three parts- the information relating to the products (description, details, etc.) , orders and checkouts. This categorisation of essential data that is used in the day-to-day business has made it easy for the admin to compartmentalize and deal with on a daily basis, taking off excessive load.


8.       Elements For A Better User Experience

The developers have kept in mind the overall UX/UI experience of the customers while creating this platform. It is unique as it combines technical elements of SEO with its manifestation in the real world. The mobile-friendly nature, vast space for inventory, better checkout experiences and payment options coupled with increased loading speed has set the bar up high in terms of meeting the customers’ expectations.


9.       Convenience In Admin And Payment Gateways

Magento 2 provides a dedicated memory and work space for payment gateways, which makes it easier for the admin to register complaints and sort out issues related to the shopping experience of the customers. This makes it convenient in fixing and improving upon elements that can be improved.


10.   Consistency In Updates

Lastly, Magneto 2 development has promised timely and useful updates to enable a fast-paced, always moving platform that serves the sole purpose of improving your online business prospects, bringing in more customers and pushing the limits of success.


The nuances of Magento 2 are plenty and exploring them is a great for SEO Services in Web Design. Plug- ins, extensions and streamlined optimization facilities have truly made Magento 2 a well sought-after resource in website development.

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