The Ultimate Guide on How to Keep Your Teeth Healthy


Dental health is closely related to the overall human health. Sometimes people can underlook dental issues and just learn to live with them, thinking that those issues affect only the mouth. However, the truth cannot be further away. Poor dental health backed by inadequate oral care can lead to heart-related issues, chronic inflammation, diabetes, among others.

Many times genetics take the lead, and there isn't much one can do to make things better. However, good oral care and hygiene can do wonders for your teeth and deal with some superficial issues. Let's look at what everyday habits are responsible for harming your dental health and what actually is beneficial for your teeth.

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Habits That Do More Harm Than Good To Your Teeth

Depending on our lifestyle, the habits work for or against one. Namely, some of your most frequently used practices can be the cause of that teeth staining or for having a shade of two more yellowness than before.

Taking Gummy Vitamins

Nowadays, gummy vitamins have become a hype, the easiest form of vitamin intake we've seen in years. However, things are not as pink as they seem. To discard the "conspiracy theory" from the beginning, there's nothing shady going on with the ingredient list that would harm your teeth. Namely, the issue is that gummy vitamins are essentially just candy. While if you are brushing your teeth as usual after consumption, the daily intake won't be an issue. However, if you leave the leftovers attached to your teeth, you'll be risking getting yellow teeth and cavities.

Brushing Too Hard

Using too much strength while brushing your teeth can lead to aggressive brushing. Gum recession is caused precisely by too aggressive brushing, which later can lead to sensitive gums too.

Foods and Drinks With Staining Properties

The solution to every issue lies in the root of the issue itself. So, to start treating your yellowness and discoloration, one should better the first lookout carefully, even for the littlest of things, like the food ones eating.

Coffee, tea, and red wine contain an extraordinarily high level of tannins. The acidity of the beverages will change the natural pH in the mouth, causing damage to your teeth and changing the color to yellowish as time passes.

The red wine is so high in tannins it can even stain your teeth with shades from dark red, i.e., blood red to grey.

Citric and Acidic Food

While fresh fruits and vegetables can cause discoloration and damage to the teeth, some products made from them can be damageable too. For example, the same way the tomato is acidic and commonly causes tooth staining, pasta sauce is too. Tomato sauce clings to the teeth and can cause damage to the teeth' enamel.  

How To Combat Teeth Stains

The right time of the meal is just as important as eating a balanced diet. For example, we know that pasta sauce has staining properties and that lettuce or spinach form a temporary protective barrier against staining. So one would first eat a fresh form of protective vegetables, maybe a salad, and then eat the pasta bowl with tomato sauce.


Also, studies have shown that dairy and nuts are the keys to stain-free teeth after eating stain-causing foods, cleaning them, and preventing only the discoloration on the surface of the tooth. 


Prevention is the key. If something has grown into an issue, it's almost too late for a reaction. The only thing one can do after a dental issue is presented is to treat it the best possible way and then start working on prevention.

Creating your own dental care routine like brushing your teeth twice, using a special toothpaste that is suitable for your gums and doesn't irritate them, visiting your dentist two to three times per year, and using an advanced whitening gel,  PolaDay whitening , for example, at least once per week should be more than enough to have the whitest enamel possible.

The Bottom Line

All in all, the mother of all remedies is maintenance. No "tip" will be helpful if your oral hygiene is terrible. Remember, good oral care is essential. There is literally no valid excuse to substitute regular brushing because then nothing else will matter. No healthy diet, home remedies, or even good genetics will be on your side then.

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