Pros and Cons of Blackjack Card Game

Online blackjack is a very popular casino classic with a huge player base. This is why nearly every online gambling website offers this game and has plenty of game variations to meet the demand. Unlike any other casino Singapore game, online blackjack is extremely accessible even for beginners.

Today we will tackle all the things you need to know about online blackjack including its perks and downsides.

Playing blackjack online

Over the past decade, we’ve all been enjoying all the blackjack games our entire lives. And since the introduction of online casinos, this game has long been one of the main casino games you’ll always find on every gambling platform over the internet. Unlike slot games like ten slot lines which are based on pure luck, this one requires a lot of strategies.

We’ll talk more about the different blackjack variations in a bit, but first, you need to understand that online blackjack is basically divided into two types. A live dealer blackjack and the RNG-based blackjack. One involves an actual casino dealer while the other is purely software-based.

Regardless, we will also talk about the different advantages and disadvantages of playing either of them.

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Live blackjack variations

Now it is time to talk about the different blackjack variations. Some blackjack games on this list are also available on software or RNG-based games.

Party Blackjack

This live blackjack game is a great option for players who simply wanted to enjoy the game and play much smaller stakes. What’s interesting about this type of blackjack game is that you are allowed to even make bets behind other players. The game accepts up to seven seats, a true party game indeed.

Common Draw Blackjack

Players who want quicker and more dynamic gameplay can opt to play this kind of online blackjack game. The bets can range from as low as $1 and up to $500. As the name implies, each player shares the same set of cards instead of the more traditional one where every player plays a hand individually.

Perfect Pairs/21+3 Blackjack

This online blackjack simply features a wider selection of additional (but optional) casino Singapore side bets. Of course, this means having to make more money and more exciting rewards.

Free-Bet Blackjack

This online blackjack game lets players split and double down their bets automatically. And players don’t even need to pay for these moves. Another great thing about this type of blackjack is that it supports an unlimited number of players, too.

Infinite Blackjack

If you wanted a game with yet another unlimited number of seats, Infinite Blackjack is the game for you. There are a handful of thrilling side bets to choose from including the six-card Charlie rule.

Pros of playing live blackjack

The authenticity of genuine joy to experience a realistic gambling environment is something that live blackjack can replicate. You interact with real players and, of course, actual professional casino dealers. There’s nothing that can come quite close to the real thing, like those that you can find in the MBS Casino, but live blackjack.

While still at the topic of the live blackjack dealers, you can be certain that when it comes to fair play, it’ll be the last thing you would get. Unlike software-based blackjack, which is operated by random number generators (RNG), there is still a slim chance that an outcome can repeat itself.

Cons of playing live blackjack

Compared to blackjack games that rely on RNG software, games can actually take a bit longer than usual. With the nature of live blackjack games being a multiplayer game and in real-time, you will eventually have to wait for others’ turn.

One common problem faced by many online casino websites that also offer live blackjack games is that they are often prone to players who try to exploit the game through card counting.

Live dealer blackjack versus RNG-based blackjack

Overall, there are quite a handful of things that make live blackjack games a superior choice to the old traditional RNG-based blackjack. While our current technology allows smarter and better machine learning, the simulation and complete immersion that you can get from any live dealer game like live blackjack is something that computer software can’t replicate.

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