OSRS – The Best Weapons the Game Has to Offer


Here’s a look at what the best weapons are in the entirety in Old School Runescape.

If you want to take on the best content that OSRS has to offer, then you are going to without a doubt need to be well armed. The weapons that you find on this list are amongst the best that you can get in the game, which will help you with bosses, quests and more. You may need to be prepared to part with some of your OSRS gold, or you may even consider finding a reputable seller that has OSRS gold for sale. If you do choose to buy OSRS gold, then make sure that you are doing so in a safe manner.

Saradomin Sword

Let’s get started with a sword, shall we? This can be found in the Dungeon of the Gods by defeating Commander Zilyana. It will take a few tries to get the sword, but you can also choose to part with 65,000 OSRS GP if you wish to buy it.

The sword has a lightning attack that can help to not only increase your melee damage, but your magic too. The slash and strength rating meanwhile can be increased by using it with Saradomin’s tear. This will turn it into the Saradomin’s Blessed Sword.

Toxic Staff of the Dead

There are a couple of toxic weapons for us to discuss as well. Firstly, this odd staff is extremely dangerous. Just make sure that you have made it to level 75 in both attack and magic to wield it effectively.

As well as having very high damage output, it also has the Power of Death attack. This decreases your enemy’s melee damage by 50%. You can also add poison damage to your attacks as well if you have combat spells handly. Defeating K’rilTsutsaroth in the God Wars Dungeon will lead you to getting this deadly weapon.

Toxic Blowpipe

Speaking of toxic weapons, here is a weapon that you will often see on lists such as these. This is classed as one of the best ranged weapons in the entire game. It has a massive damage output, and you will need to be at level 75 ranged to use it effectively. To make your own, you need a tanzanite fang and a chisel and level 53 fletching.

The Toxic Siphon is what makes this weapon so useful. This adds 50% damage to your attacks, and replenishes your health by half of the damage delivered to your target. There’s also a 25% chance of inflicting venom damage to your foes. If you charge it using Zulrah’s scales, then you will have 40 strength for ranged and attack at 60.

Abyssal Whip

We need to find the Abyssal Demons at this point so we can get the Abyssal Whip. So once you have gotten to a point where you are up to level 70 attack and 85 slayer, then it’s time for us to do some whipping. As one of the most powerful weapons in melee in OSRS, this is definitely worth your time seeking out. Combining it with a Kraken Tentacle can also make the Abyssal Tentacle if you wish. When used with a shield, you are going to be a force to be reckoned with.

Twisted Bow

Despite it being costly where your OSRS gold is concerned, the Twisted Bow is one of the most coveted weapons in Old School Runescape. The reason being is that it stands out from other bows, and other weapons in general. It not only provides you with high damage and accuracy, but it actually increases these traits depending on the magic level of your enemies. So if you are coming up against bosses that have a high magic level, then you are going to find this bow indispensable.

If you want to get a Twisted Bow that you have the honor of calling your own, then you can find it through the Chambers of Xeric. You will need to have your ranged skill up to 75 if you are to be able to wield it however. The prices of the bow over at the Grand Exchange suggest that you are going to be paying over 1,000,000,000 OSRS GP at least for it, so you can see why some opt to buy OSRS gold.

Having any of these weapons in your arsenal will make you a formidable force. Once you have gotten to a point where you can wield them, then enemies won’t be standing in your way for very long at all.

Have you managed to acquire any of these OSRS weapons? Let us know in the comments section below!

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