Numerous risk factors in a business place have the potential to cause an accident if not taken care of

 By starting a business, you acknowledge the responsibilities it brings along. From the small local restaurant to multi-level business plazas, sufficient care and attention should be given to provide safety for your employees and your visitors.

Numerous risks can easily transform into a painful fact that is both adverse for the business and the visitors. These risks might be present in the structure, in the service you provide or the equipment that is being utilised routinely. As the owner of the business place, your legal duty is to provide total safety by taking reasonable care.

The components of a structure can lead to fatal accidents

Many earthquakes, floods and other natural incidents have demonstrated that the conclusions of these incidents can be minimised by taking reasonable care. In a very minor earthquake, nothing might collapse but the incorrectly placed objects or falsely applied structural component such as ceilings or pillars can tip over and cause destruction. Although the chances of experiencing an earthquake and being hit by the debris are slim, the risk is still present.

The owner of the business can decrease the impact of the incident by taking necessary care. Or the total opposite may occur and even with the weakest force, the whole structure may collapse. Contributing to an accident is the last thing the employers, service providers or business place owners would like to experience as the conclusions can be harsh.

Employers might commit suchlike actions to cut the expenses or minimise the maintenance fees. However, as mentioned in the laws, inadequate maintenance is a breach of the duty of care. By ignoring the foreseeable risks of hindering regular maintenance in the workplace, the employer may be charged for neglecting the legal duties and being the main cause of an accident.

The human factor

In public places in which the human traffic flow is dense, risks may appear suddenly. On a rainy day, the visitors might unwittingly bring rainwater to the business place. These are very common in restaurants, coffee houses, shopping centres and supermarkets. Although taking timely action is can solve the problem without much effort, failing to do so is defined as the business’s contribution to the accident. As water can be invisible for the visitors, the chances of having a slip and fall accident are not ignorable.

Under the laws, the party that owes the duty of care to others may breach this duty in numerous ways. In medical centres, the doctor’s negligence can be quite harmful. The duty imposed on medical professionals is simple and easy to perform. By following the compulsory procedures, the medical professionals ensure the victim will not sustain any harm due to their actions.

Therefore those simple yet effective questions, evaluations and checkouts during the treatment process matters the most. Without applying sufficient tests, the patient’s medical condition may be evaluated incorrectly. Or without examining the patient’s medical history, hazardous medications can be prescribed to them. Lack of inadequate evaluation in prescription is a situation best known for triggering further medical conditions. On the other hand, the doctor’s actions can easily prevent harm.

Personal injury compensation

Victims of motor vehicle collisions, work accidents, public accidents that arise from foreseeable causes and medical errors may claim personal injury compensation to recover their loss. Negligence has no place in personal injury laws. For this reason, breaching the duty of care conduces to liability. If employers, business owners or medical professionals fail to perform their duties at acceptable standards, they might be sued for damages.

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