Is Skyworth Q71 8K TV Worth Buying?


While 4K TVs still dominated the market, some OEMs have shifted to the 8K resolution TV for a better viewing experience. Skyworth also launched 8K TVs, Q71 is one of the 8K resolution TVs.  The Skyworth Q71 provided three size versions for consumers, which are 65-inch, 75-inch, and 86-inch. 65-inch is totally enough for daily movie watching, so I bought a 65-inch one. It’s really a pleasant surprise that not only the price of Q71 is affordable compared to other 8K TVs, but also the image quality is excellent, which is a great choice for an 8K TV.


The design of the Q71 is outstanding, concise, and beautiful. The main body color of the Skyworth Q71 TV is midnight blue plus light burnished silver with dim gray decorative trim and a one-piece bent metal frame. The decorative bar that sits on the screen bottom has a sense of burnishing feeling. The bezel-less display gives an excellent visual experience. If you're a little further away from the TV, the bezel is hard to notice and makes the TV looks like a full screen, which brings users an immersive experience. The back of the TV design is also wonderful. In terms of ports, in addition to the common ports, this TV also adds an HDMI 2.1 interface, which can achieve 60FPS 8K signal access with just one cable.


The high light of the Skyworth TV definitely is the 8K resolution. It is equipped with an 8K resolution ADSDS screen, supports Dolby Vision and HDR10. The resolution of Q71 has reached 7680x4320 with over 33 million pixels, gives users impressive image details. The details of the picture are especially obvious when viewed at a closer range compared to the 4K screen. The Skyworth Q71 can also sample 2K, 4K video to 8K resolution, although the sharpness will be slightly lower than the 8K video, but compared with the original resolutionit is still significantly improved.

Except for its 8K resolution, the image quality is bright with vibrant, accurate colors with a wide color gamut. The auto color management technology can adjust the hue, brightness and saturation of each pixel step by step to make the color more real and natural. AI scene quality optimization technology realizes the independent APU unit based on the built-in 1.6TOPS computing power of Q71 SoC, through the face and scene recognition, optimize color saturation, brightness, sharpness and dynamic vector compensation to improve image quality. The color of the scenery and the skin color is very natural, which makes the images look very comfortable.

Speaking of “comfortable”, it is worth mentioning that the Q71 TV display has a blue light blocking function to protect users' eyes which is great for watching a big-screen TV.


In terms of performance, Skyworth Q71 is equipped with an 8K chip MediaTek S900, which can complete 60FPS 8K decoding and has a built-in 6.5GB+64GB storage. The built-in intelligent system of Skyworth Q71 has minimalist navigation. It not only looks very refreshing but also very easy to use, simple and clear so that you can quickly find the functions you want. In addition, the TV has an AI voice-controlled assistant, but its semantic comprehension is relatively general, but it's good enough to find video resources and control the TV panel. Such a large screen 8K TV can also be used to play games. While playing a racing game, the latency tested was only 18 milliseconds. With the high-resolution screen, it is very wonderful for game fans.


Generally speaking, the Skyworth 8K LED TV combines excellent picture quality with an affordable price. The performance of Skyworth Q71 is far beyond my expectations. If you want an 8K TV that is worth buying, check out Skyworth Q71, The Skyworth Q71 will deliver more value for your money.

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