Google and SpaceX Join Forces So Rural Residents Get Access to Google Cloud’s Services


There's a new partnership between Google and Starlink by SpaceX so that more people have access to internet services. The goal is to reach as many rural areas as possible so that residents aren't pushed to the wayside when it comes to internet connections, allowing them to work, take classes, and perform other tasks online.

The partnership should last about seven years unless both parties agree to continue. Starlink will be able to offer cloud and internet services to customers with reliable speeds and connections. Ground stations will be installed in the near future by SpaceX before other equipment is connected in order to provide services. The stations will connect to the satellites that SpaceX already has in place without others being launched.

Better for Google
Google has been a player in the internet game for some time, but this partnership looks to offer an expansion for the company. It could mean that Google can overtake Microsoft and Amazon. The partnership will need to focus on some of the internal workings that Google already has in place so that the company doesn't look to outside sources for basic functions, such as storage for the data that the company delivers. Thanks to the connections between Starlink and Google, there will be a direct connection to the satellites that both companies already have in place. This can make connections faster and cover larger areas. There hasn't been a partnership of this nature in this past, and it could pave the way for similar partnerships between other companies in the future. While the companies involved can benefit, the customers who have access to the internet services that are provided will be the big winners.


There are several investors who are looking closely at the partnership between Google and Starlink. They hope to see a boost in the cloud services that are already offered by Google as some of the services that are offered have slowed in recent years. Starlink decided to work with Google because of the company's reputation and the quality of the services that are provided. Investors see this as a positive connection based on this assessment as these are two powerhouse providers that have proven they have what it takes to get customers connected to the internet.

The Beginning
Google didn't get started with cloud services until 2012, but it has grown in a huge way so that the company can offer more services to customers. The company has spent money in recent years to improve its cable connections and to create a network that's comprised of fiber optics so that it can deliver fast internet speed. The partnership with SpaceX looks to work with some of the services that are already in place by Google along with the satellite connections that Starlink provides.

There are no towers that will be needed when it's time for Starlink and Google to provide cloud services. Devices that customers have will be connected to a satellite that sends signals to the centers that are operated by Google. The signal is then sent to customers. This method of connecting is beneficial for customers who live in areas that have a lot of trees nearby as it's often difficult to have satellite internet dish in the yard for an internet connection. It's also beneficial for those who live in areas where cable internet isn't an option due to being too far away from the primary source.

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