Documents required when renewing a Green Card


If you are renewing a Green Card, the only document you may need to submit is your current Green Card. If you can provide a copy of your current Green Card, that's all you need to renew your Green Card.

Documents required when replacing a Green Card

·         If you are replacing a lost, stolen or damaged Green Card, you must submit:

·         A copy of the stolen or damaged Green Card

·         A copy of a valid government issued photo ID, including a passport, driver's license or other piece of identification

·         If there is an error on your Green Card

·         If you have just applied for and received a Green Card but notice an error on the card, then you must provide the following documents:

·         The original Green Card

·         A copy of your birth certificate, marriage certificate or any other document containing the correct information

If you renew for other reasons

If you are renewing or replacing your Green Card for any other reason, follow the instructions on  form i131 , Form I-90. The I-90 form gives 17 different reasons to renew your Green Card. In addition, the instructions and documentation requirements are different for each of these reasons.

Sign the I-90 form and send it

The final step in renewing your Green Card is to sign Form I-90 and submit it to USCIS. If you fail to sign your Form I-90, then it will be declared invalid and rejected. Many Green Card renewals have made this mistake.

Form I-90 can be filed entirely online. Or, you can send it to USCIS directly. As of 2015, however, the vast majority of green card applications and renewals have been completed online. Even if you apply by mail, USCIS will create an online account for your future correspondence.

Here's what happens next after I submit my Green Card renewal?

After submitting a request to renew your Green Card, you will need to wait to receive an update by mail online or by post. Here's what happens next:

USCIS will send you a receipt confirming that it has accepted your request. this receipt will be sent to your address and sent to your online account

USCIS will send a notification if you need to provide biometric information; this notification must arrive within 1 to 2 weeks of receipt of your request by USCIS; If you need to provide biometric information, you may need to submit fingerprints, photographs, and a signature to USCIS.

USCIS may require additional documents beyond what you have provided; in this case, USCIS will send you a proof request by mail and then post it to your account.

Finally, you will receive notice of the decision from USCIS by mail and that decision will be posted online.

How long does it take to renew my Green Card?

Typically, a Green Card renewal takes 2-3 months from start to finish. USCIS processes thousands of Green Card renewal requests each month.

This is why it is recommended to request the renewal of the Green Card within 6 months from the expiration date. What happens if USCIS denies your Green Card renewal request?

In some instances, the USICS might want to go through all your immigration-related papers from the start. This means that they will once again assess everything from your initial H-1B visas to all other documentations that you might have. This process can take a long time, unless you work with a trained immigration attorney that can help in fast-forwarding the process.

You lied on your request

The United States government has ordered you to leave the country before your green card expires

You filled out incorrect forms or provided incorrect supporting documents For all of these reasons, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services may deny your Green Card renewal request.

If USCIS denies renewing your Green Card application, you cannot appeal the decision. However, you can submit a motion for USCIS to reopen or reconsider the request. For this motion to pass, you must have proof that the decision was made because of an error in the application of immigration policy or law.

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