Comparison of Gmail with different email services


As you know that there is not only Gmail that is offering the service of emails. Because more than 20 international email services are working in the world and all email services have their own features. However, if you are user of Gmail accounts, then you don’t need to choose other email service. Because you will get all facilities and services which you want in Gmail. However, no one can ignore other email services because all these email services are using on international level and now we will discuss some important email services.

Zoho Mail

Zoho mail is a full secure email service that is free from ad and it can provide you domain hosting. It can offer a free plan for one domain hosting and 5 users can use this free email service with up to 5 GB data and can use it in 3 different groups. However, it can be upgraded to get better results from this email service.

Zoho Mail has not more numbers of users because there are some drawbacks of this email service. If you want to keep active your Zoho Mail account, then you should use at least one time and if you will upgrade your Zoho Mail account, then you can use aliases emails. It is multi-email service that could be used in any condition.


The users of Hushmail can use iPhone, Android and all other devices with the system of IMAP and POP. While using Hushmail, you can use an ad-free email service that allows you to use 25 GB data. It is also famous as a secure email service and it ends on some different email addresses like,, etc.


GMX is an email service that has not unlimited features, but it consists on some important features those a famous email service should have. It consists on Mail collector, maximum storage memory and more than 50 MB attachments in each email. While it has the lack of different domains for your different accounts and you can only use However you can add widgets for getting quick access to some other social networking sites like Facebook as well as Twitter and some other apps.

It has the feature of GMX File storage through that you can send large size email files and documents to others. If you want to get rid from unwanted emails then you can block these emails by using anti- spam module. And it has the feature of scanning all incoming emails to make these emails secure. If you want to store your data, videos and other email messages, then you will be provided 2 GB data.

If you want to learn about most providing domains then it is, because it can provide up to 200 domains for your different accounts. It has also a large numbers of features which could make an email service a best service like calendar, mail collector, attachments and many others. You can get your favorite domain name that could be used for forever. Through using this email service, you can get emails from all international email services. Due to this reason, it has got international identity in short time.


Gmail is a Google email service that was come in the world of email services in April 2004. It consists on all features which are available in other email services. If you have the experience of using many email services then you will get a unique taste of using this email service. However, there is no competitor of Gmail, if you want to compare it in any field of life.

Buy Gmail PVA accounts

Gmail is the most trusted email service in the world that is giving different types of services for digital marketing business. There are many fields of life like email marketing, business deals, educational purposes, travelling as well as government projects where you should use Gmail PVA accounts. So if you are related to these fields, then you should buy Gmail PVA accounts for using these accounts in these fields. The best method of saving money is to buy Gmail PVA accounts. Because these days, internet is most using thing and people are spending lot of money for getting the services of different social services. But Gmail PVA accounts are less expensive from others.

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