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The Central Board of secondary education is one of the leading boards and is prevalent all over the country. Due to the unavailability of offline schools and colleges, online classes for class 12 have taken a front seat and ended the myth that education can take place only in schools and colleges.

As Online classes for class 12 have taken the limelight, there has been a sudden increase in people providing online video lectures but very few of these are equipped enough and can teach properly. This has made it difficult to choose which CBSE 12th online commerce classes to join so that they can complete their studies without disruption. Vidya Setu Learning is a leading online portal that provides class 12 Commerce Video lectures free of cost with other study material.

12th grade is a crucial year for students as this is the last year of them in a homely environment of schools and after high school, they will soon leave for college. Class 12 Board exams summons the entire school life of the students and is at the same time a ticket to their preferred college.

Online Classes for Class 12 Commerce

Class 12 Commerce online video lectures are high in demand due to the difficult subjects which are completely new to the students. There are three compulsory subjects such as Accountancy, Business studies, and Economics. Accountancy is a majorly practical subject including aggressive calculations and bulky topics like Admission or retirement of partner and shares and debentures.

Whereas Economics is both practical and theory involving various principles of economics and their graphical representation. Business studies is an entirely theory subject teaching the meaning and fundamentals of management.

Points to Consider Before Joining Class 12 Online Classes for Commerce

Online classes for class 12 are being provided by various commerce coaching 12th for CBSE. But not all are good enough to teach the students and provide the best faculty. Even some of the institutions are charging fees higher than school due to which those who have poor financial background are unable to afford.

  1. The NCERT class 12 online classes should either charge minimal or entirely free of cost. So that students living even in the remote areas who cannot afford normal education can study through the Online lectures for the 12th CBSE
  2. The CBSE online classes for commerce should be taught by efficient faculty. All three compulsory subjects are entirely new to the students and they need experienced teachers. Otherwise, students might end up confusing themselves even more.
  3. The App or website wherever the live online coaching for class 12 commerce is available should be easy to use. There should not be any unnecessary advertisements.
  4. The CBSE 12th online classes should also be device agnostic and work on all devices irrespective of any change in the quality of the 12th commerce video lectures
  5. The online classes for class 12 must also have a facility for problem-solving so that students can get all their problems solved without any problem

Vidya Setu Learning- CBSE Online Classes for Class 12

Vidya Setu learning provides free online classes for class 12 and all the study material absolutely free of cost. It is an entirely free organization that provides the CBSE class 12 online video lectures to all the students. It is available to all irrespective of any difference in the region or financial status.

Vidya Setu Learnings majorly provide CBSE online commerce lectures for 11th and 12th standard. The CBSE class 12 online lectures are free of cost. Vidya Setu provides specialized online classes for Business studies, Economics and Accountancy. The Vidya Setu Learning online classes are taught by specialized teachers who have huge experience in the field of teaching.

Benefits of online classes for class 12

Vidya Setu has all the facilities which we listed above and is trustable in the education field. Vidya Setu has helped the students to understand the basic principles so that students can score more than 90% marks in the exams.

  1. Experienced Faculty
  2. Recorded Video Lectures
  3. HD Quality videos and crystal clear audio
  4. Problem-solving
  5. Accessible
  6. Free of cost
  7. Free Downloadable Study Material


Due to the closure of schools and colleges, students are facing difficulties in trying to figure out the curriculum on their own. Online classes for class 12 have turned out to be the most reliable resource. Vidya Setu Learning is a leading online portal that provides class 12 Commerce Video lectures free of cost. It also provides other study material free of cost.

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