Best Bicycle Types for Beach Rides 2021

Bike riders who frequent beaches know that some bike builds outperform others on sandy terrain. Beach cruisers have wider tires for traction on sand and shoreside surfaces. An electric beach cruiser bike with a battery-powered motor can provide you with pedal assistance or full electric power for traversing mixed terrain. Here are the best bike builds, including manually powered models and ebikes, to ride on the beach.

Beach Cruisers 

Beach cruiser bikes earned the name by being ideal for beach rides. These bikes offer a smooth ride but do not travel as fast as hybrid bikes or road bikes. The major features of beach cruisers are large tires for cushioning and traction on sand or slick surfaces.

You can get a single speed beach cruiser or a model with three-, seven-, or 21-speed derailleurs. In general, manual beach cruisers have a top speed between three miles per hour and 15 mph. An electric beach cruiser bike with a 250W or 500W motor may be able to reach top speeds of 15 or 20 mph, respectively, on full electric power. On pedal assist, these bikes can travel as fast as 24 or 28 mph.

Electric Bikes

Whether you prefer a cruiser or hybrid build, you may want to consider getting an electric motor on your next bike. Electric bikes offer riders the option to ride propelled by pedal power, with pedal assistance or on full-electric power. The ability to ride for longer with less effort may make it possible to go on more challenging rides.

If your energy starts waning on a long excursion, an electric bike can enhance pedaling or provide full electric power to cover more distance at faster speeds. The battery watt hour is an important consideration, and these models also have derailleurs with one, three, seven or 21 speeds.

Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid bikes combine features of cruisers or road bikes and mountain bikes. These builds are ideal for riders who cover a mix of paved surfaces and trails. It is also possible to get an electric hybrid bike to facilitate elevation climbs. The battery watt hour capacity will determine the range and top speed of a hybrid electric bike.

A hybrid cruiser can be a great choice for recreational rides over varying terrain. In general, hybrid bikes tend to have more speeds to allow for off-road and uphill riding. If you want a bike that can handle beach rides, roads with elevation changes and trails, you may prefer a manual or electric hybrid bike instead of a cruiser.

Your typical ride will determine whether a beach cruiser or hybrid bike is your ideal build. The distance you want to cover and your need for speed both factor into whether you might prefer a manual or electric bike. If you plan to take casual waterside rides, a beach cruiser can offer superior balance and traction. Riders that primarily stick to flat, paved surfaces can also appreciate the cushioning of cruiser frames and tires. A manual or electric hybrid bike is the best option for beach and trail riding.

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