Advantages of digital marketing


To lead your business to success you have to know how to squeeze the advantages of digital marketing.

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In a digital world, companies have the possibility to customize strategies to the maximum, optimizing them and increasing their visibility in real time.

Before we talk about the advantages of digital marketing, we will briefly explain what digital marketing or online marketing is.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing encompasses all those actions and business strategies on the Internet and social networks. The goal is quite simple, optimize the marketing of products and services.

The advantages of digital marketing for companies

Although we believe that digital marketing has countless advantages for companies and businesses, we have had to put a ceiling number. So here are the 8 most important advantages of digital marketing:

- The first advantage of digital marketing over traditional marketing, is measurement.

In digital marketing strategies you can measure multiple factors, from sales or conversions, to the viewing time of a website or blog.

- Another advantage of digital marketing is personalization.

Online strategies allow much more flexibility and complete treatment with the customer. And also, a personalization of the strategy more tailored to the target audience.

- One of the most acclaimed advantages of online marketing is the improvement of brand visibility. Digital marketing offers the possibility of generating a great impact and achieving a greater reach. This is made possible by the tendency of users to search and compare products or services on the internet and networks before deciding to buy.

- Another advantage is the increase in customer acquisition and loyalty. There is no longer a single contact channel, and the bidirectional user-company relationship helps loyalty.

- Following on from the previous one, another advantage of digital marketing, and more specifically social media marketing, is the creation of the idea of community. Thanks to the networks, users are able to develop emotional ties with the company that provides them with products or services.

- Of course, the increase in sales. More and more companies are realizing that most of their potential customers are on the Internet.

- Another advantage is that it involves a lower investment compared to traditional marketing strategies, and are compatible with traditional channels of press, radio and TV.

- One last advantage of digital marketing that we want to add, is the optimization in real time.

Digital marketing allows us, in addition to implementing and testing new strategies, to adjust and optimize in real time the strategies implemented.

Websites, blogs and social networks are the fundamental pillars of digital marketing. Why? Because it is where the company shows and sells its products and services.

Therefore, having a professional expert in SEO positioning is key to generate confidence in potential customers and that they choose to have a business relationship with your business.

More benefits of Digital Marketing

It is available 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Customers can access the website at any time, even when there is no one in the office, because the websites are always open, working continuously so that users can receive information about the products and services offered by the company.

When an advertisement is published on the web its duration can be up to several years, however if it is published for example in a magazine it can last between one and three months, if it is published in a newspaper it will last one day and if it is published in an event such as a congress or fair it will last between one week or 15 days. Therefore it will be more profitable when the ad is published on the web.

The data is easier to calculate as:

The number of people who see the ad.

The number of people who click on them.

The number of sales generated by the ad.

The number of visits through keywords on the web.

How much profit is obtained for a given number of visits.

How many people request information.

Which sections of the websites are most visited.

How many users repeat visits.

Users can be interacting at any time of the day, to investigate, consult rates, participate in forums, and request information by asking questions.

Surveys can be carried out through the web in order to know the opinion about the products and services offered, valuing the advice and complaints that are made about them.

The cost of online marketing is low and the maintenance of the web does not usually have an associated cost.

The fact that users use the "frequently asked questions" section means that advice on services and products will not be necessary, since in this way doubts will be resolved and it will not be necessary for the human resources department to intervene.

Advertising actions and strategies are more profitable since you pay only when someone sees the advertisement, when the user clicks on the advertisement.

The Internet is a quiet medium where there are no disturbances for the user. Customers will be able to see the advertisement anonymously, without having to deal in person to ask for information. They use the web the way they want, watching videos and photos and comparing products.

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