Accelerate Your Career In Hospitality Industry With Diploma Of Hospitality Management

 Do you have a passion for studying hospitality management but still confused about your future? Well, you need not be so. Right now, the Australian hospitality sector is recruiting individuals in colossal numbers every year. So, you can get a wide range of job opportunities in different fields, from hotels to retail, entertainment, etc. You can start your journey by enrolling in the Diploma of Hospitality Management in any college in Perth or other parts of Australia. 

About the Course

Many colleges offer courses in diploma of Hospitality in Perth, which you can find by searching on the internet. Of the two hospitality diploma courses, a diploma in hospitality management teaches the basic skills of independent operations. You will also get to learn how to take important decisions for the sake of your business. 

The average fee of the course is more than $10000. But the amount varies from provider to provider. You should contact the provider first to know all the detailed information. The average course duration is 16 months. Still, it’s better to ask the provider before you start the course. This course is also available as an Australian Apprenticeship. There is variation in fees and duration in Australian Apprenticeship in different states and territories. 

If you have worries about fees, you can get financial assistance from both federal and state or territorial governments. They will give you the necessary financial support for vocational education and training. These programs are available for every kind of students, trainees, apprentices, new job starters, looking for a job, or updating employment skills. 

 What job opportunities can you get once you complete the course?

A diploma in Hospitality can open several job opportunities in the following areas. These include:

  1. Airlines and Railways

Stability of the job sector and subsequent job security are the two topmost priorities for every individual. You can join the airlines and railways sectors, where you can find both. As both of these are associated with transportation, the industry is bound to expand more and more with time. So, this sector will assure you of long-term employment. The primary benefits of the transportation industry are that you will have to deal with almost every class of people, which will enable you to develop more skills that you can effectively implement in your work.

  1. Travel agencies

Most Australians are travel freaks, and whenever they get holidays, they usually rely on travel agencies. One of the significant reasons for selecting a travel agency is that it naturally negates lots of pressure from the traveller’s head. You might have noticed how well the travel agency personnel arrange all the facilities, from transport and guided tours to lodging and meals. And this is what a travel agency manager does. As there are innumerable agencies not in Australia but worldwide, this sector does offer tremendous opportunities. 


  1. Cruise companies 

You might have heard about cruises. People enjoy luxury holidays on beach cruises or sea cruises. So, you can understand that these cruises also have their accommodation and hospitality facilities. This can be another option for you to apply. The added advantage is that you can get the chance to travel around the World if you get recruited on any ocean cruises. Accordingly, these companies also offer decent salaries.


  1. Nature or Theme parks

Do you love nature and want to work in some natural environment setting? Then, after your study in Australia, you can quickly get a job in a natural park or a theme park. These parks usually own hospital sectors that offer the necessary catering and staying facility to their visitors. You can develop skills and be in a good mood for staying so close to nature.


  1. Hotel management:

You might be losing patience for not seeing the hotel management sector yet. This is the primary field of employment that is aimed at a vast majority of students. Indeed, this area itself is enormous and allows any employee to prove their worth and learn several things every day. Three usual hotel management jobs are:

  1. Hotel manager: A hotel manager is also termed a lodging manager or hotelier. He or she is the person who is responsible for managing the front desk. In addition to that, they also do other jobs like booking rooms for the guests, overseeing other workers and providing concierge services like showing rooms and dining spaces etc. The salary is also suitable for a hotel manager.

  2. Restaurant manager: As restaurant managers, you need to manage daily operations in a restaurant, from fine dining to preparing casual food. Besides that, you should also look after the administrative duties and help the foodservice business to grow. 

  3. Café shop owner: A café is smaller in size relative to a restaurant, and that is why very few people work here. Students who prefer a friendly work atmosphere and smaller workspaces can quickly go to cafés.

6. Sports organization

There are different types of sports played all over the World, and several sports events and competitions are also held in different parts. These events can be regional, national or international, where a considerable number of athletes, coaches, trainers, and other administrative personnel take part to give the ceremony a grand look. The higher the stature of the event, the more will be the participants. Football World Cup and Summer Olympics are two of the most-watched international events held every four years. Numerous companies and brands are given responsibilities to organize and conduct all the necessary arrangements. So, this sector can offer a significant number of opportunities for hospitality management students.


  1. Hospitality equipment manufacturers

While studying, you should have come across different hospitality equipment. Did you ever wonder where this equipment comes from? Well, there are manufacturing companies for these. And they recruit workers who have adequate knowledge about the requirements for this equipment and how they can be modified for better utilization.


Ending note

As you will find many options for these courses, you should be very careful about which one to choose. If you have questions, you may discuss them with the Education Consultant in Perth or Education Agent Perth.


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