5 Effects Of Bird's Nest With Children And How To Use It Effectively

According to experts, Salanganes'Nest is a great nutritious food and brings many health effects to children. So, what are the specific effects of bird's nest on children? How to make optimal use of this nutritious food? Follow the next share and you will find the answer for yourself!

Why should children eat bird's nest?

Children are the immature body age. The body is not stable, still improving, the natural immune system is still weak. At this stage, children's bodies need essential nutrients to serve the needs of children's physical and brain development. The addition of nutritious foods in the early stages of each person's life is extremely necessary. Because of the above reason, children are very recommended to eat bird's nest. Because the use of bird's nest for children is very good.

What is the effect of bird's nest on children

  • Salanganes'Nest contains many proteins, amino acids and many precious trace elements, helping to stimulate the digestive system of children. In addition, bird's nest also contains a lot of calcium and Fe, which are essential minerals that the baby's body is often lacking. Parents can rest assured when feeding their children bird's nest because the bird's nest contains Cr - a rare and important element that helps stimulate digestive function and absorption of nutrients through the intestinal membrane.

  • In addition to the above nutritional ingredients To yen sao, Salanganes'Nest also provides a high amount of protein, low fat to help develop bones and strengthen the immunity of children thanks to the bird's nest itself contains a lot of Fe. Galactose sugar is completely fat-free and is also a very good source of energy for children.

  • Salanganes'Nest has the effect of stimulating and promoting the blood circulation system more perfectly, helping children develop their brain and brain in the most comprehensive way, stimulating the growth of the child's body.

  • Important micronutrients such as Mn, Cu, Zn, Br are very useful for the process of stabilizing nerves and enhancing children's memory. Especially for schoolchildren, using Bird's Nest regularly and reasonably will help develop the brain system, stabilize the spirit, help remember longer and especially in difficult exams.

  • For children who are malnourished, or suffer from diseases caused by environmental changes, the use of bird's nests will help them add more Amino Acids, Calcium, Protein and other trace elements that have the effect of strengthening the immune system. for children, helping them absorb and digest better through the intestinal membrane. Babies are regularly used bird's nest to quickly grow, enhance the growth of cells ...

Notes How to Use Bird's Nest Best for Children

When buying bird's nest, you should choose bird's nest with a characteristic ivory white color, not broken or discolored. Bird's nest has a completely natural origin, without added preservatives, is of the best quality.

You should not let children under 7 months old eat oats because at this time the baby's digestive system has not fully developed, it will not be able to absorb all the nutrients in the bird's nest. It is best to feed the bird's nest when the baby is older than 1 year old to supplement nutrition and help children develop comprehensively both physically and mentally.

Parents should not feed their children bird's nest every day, but only feed them 2-3 times a week, 4g each time so that the child can fully absorb the nutrients in the bird's nest. The ideal time to feed your baby is before bed or in the morning when he wakes up, that's when the baby metabolizes the best nutrients of the day. Parents absolutely avoid feeding their children before the main meals because they will make the baby full, become anorexic and skip the important main meal that provides many valuable nutrients.

You can make bird's nest with alum sugar - a simple, familiar dish that keeps the essence of the bird's nest. In case the baby is bored, you can process more diverse and rich dishes from oats such as oats stewed with fresh milk, chicken with bird's nest stew, bird's nest tea, lotus seed nests... Avoid cooking under direct fire, so cook the oats separately and cook the side dishes separately. When feeding, you just put the oats on top of the dishes, both attractive, increase the taste without losing the micronutrients in the oats.

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